The bars of the women's prison in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Teaching at a Women’s Prison in Thailand

A young guard greeted me and without smiling (very atypical in Thailand) she allowed me to enter through the door made of painted metal bars and be seated just outside the second of what I later learned would be a series of identical doors. As I silently sat in the plastic chair provided, it suddenly […]

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Ligeia and Mindy kiss at their wedding

Why the Fall of DOMA is Monumental for Us

We met in Berlin, Germany in 2004 and fell in love. After living together in a coal-oven heated, 5th floor walk-up apartment in the former East Berlin, we quickly discovered we had found our respective soulmate. Our desire to get married “at home” compelled us to leave Germany. But our definition of “home” was different […]

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Toronto Skyline

Things I Miss About Toronto

I grew up in Newmarket, a suburb of Toronto about 45 minutes north of “the big city”. With the Greater Toronto Area making up roughly 10% of Canada’s population, its 3 million residents make it the biggest city in the country. From 2006-2011, Ligeia and I called Toronto home, easily walking anywhere within its downtown […]

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Sponsor me to play softball at the Maccabi Games

Maccabi Games 2013: Playing Softball in Israel

Ever since tee-ball, my sports passion has remained strong with softball. I’ve played both recreationally and competitively, for both co-ed slo-pitch and women’s fastpitch teams. I’ve been an active softball umpire since I was 11 years old, constantly working to improve my skills and expand my knowledge of the game I love. In 2011, I […]

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Surprise on our Balcony

Since driers are either non-existent or scare in Chiang Mai, we hang dry our clothing using a combination of a drying rack and hangers on our balcony, which seems very common here as laundry can be seen drying on everyone else’s balconies too.  This evening when we went to collect our dry clothing, we noticed […]

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Our 6th Wedding Anniversary!

Today, we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. Traditionally, this calls for gifts of iron in the US (or sugar in the UK). Although we’d love to have a cast-iron frying pan or a wrought-iron gate, those gifts aren’t too practical at the moment. So, instead, we celebrated by getting a high iron content in our […]

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Capture the Color – Photo Contest

At the 11th hour, we’ve caught wind of the Capture the Color photo contest. Frantically, we’ve done our best to review all of our photos from all of our travels, and put together a list of the ones we feel accentuate the color categories the best. Here goes!   BLUE Jokulsarlon, Iceland Iceland is the country of […]

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We’ve gone vegan!

We decided to go vegan about a month ago but have postponed letting the world know until we used up the butter and mayonnaise that we had in our fridge. Well, that day has finally arrived, so we’re coming out officially as vegan! As you likely are aware, our lives changed when we volunteered for […]

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Mindy’s New Bike

It’s taken just about 3 months, but Mindy finally feels comfortable enough to ride a bike in Chiang Mai. For those who are unaware, traffic in Thailand is on the left side of the road. So, despite her confidence in riding a bike, riding one on the “wrong” side of the road is where things […]

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Sunglasses on the beach

Tips for Staying Cool

We’ve heard that it has been extremely hot in in North America as well as Europe recently. Having survived the hottest month (April) in Thailand we thought we’d share what we’ve learned in hopes that it might help you to say cool while at the same time not causing expensive air conditioning bills. Tips for […]

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Mindy’s Walk to Work

Considerably later than Ligeia, Mindy heads off on her walk to work at about 8:35am, and heads in the complete opposite direction. She stays in the small streets of their neighborhood, passing by homes, apartment buildings and restaurants (the blue and white tarp covers it up this early in the morning!)… …and small fruit stands […]

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Ligeia’s Walk to Work

Ligeia begins her walk at 7am and it starts with walking out to the main road Klong Chon Pratan: She then crosses at this small bridge only for pedestrians…although often motorbikes try to make their way through too: Here is the view once on the bridge: Once across, Ligeia continues her walk down a side […]

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Dragon Statue at Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Happy Mother’s Day at Doi Suthep

Dear Moms, we couldn’t help but think of you when we passed by these two dragon statues outside the Doi Suthep temple. We haven’t yet figured out why they are labeled “MOM” but who are we to question anything that brings us thoughts of you. 🙂   Below is a digital bouquet, and we hope […]

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Splitting Peas?

So it’s become somewhat of a ritual that every Saturday and Wednesday morning we get up early to go to the farmer’s market down the road. On Saturday we noticed this bundle of some sort of vegetable, but already trying so many other new things, we opted not to get it. This morning however, we […]

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We found an apartment!

So, it took us one day of pavement-pounding to find a place to live that met our four requirements: Wifi internet A western-style, sit-toilet Air-conditioning Kitchen What we found, and immediately moved into, is a small one-bedroom condo unit in Chiang Mai’s newest condo building! It’s so new that construction is ongoing. We’ve been told […]

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Finished with Renovations

Ligeia went up to the house for the final time this morning. She leaves early Sunday morning for New England, where she will spend a week before meeting Mindy in Montreal. The two of them will spend a week in Toronto before flying to Abu Dhabi, UAE and then on to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Here […]

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Weekend of Working on the House

Our house renovation began on Friday afternoon, shortly after the closing. Mindy went to work scraping the 30 year old UV filters on the windows and Ligeia began taking down the outdated mirrors in the living room. We also installed a shower head in the bathroom. The seller told us she “was leaving the TV […]

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We bought a House!

Today we had our closing for a 2-bedroom/1 bathroom home with a garage and lanai in Port Richey. This was a first for both of us! After signing several documents and meeting the seller we were handed the keys to our place… …which we took right to the house and walked through the front door. […]

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