Our 6th Wedding Anniversary!

Today, we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. Traditionally, this calls for gifts of iron in the US (or sugar in the UK). Although we’d love to have a cast-iron frying pan or a wrought-iron gate, those gifts aren’t too practical at the moment. So, instead, we celebrated by getting a high iron content in our anniversary dinner salads with the addition of roasted beets. To satisfy the UK tradition, we ensured our sugar consumption with sparkling apple & grape cider.

As we do each year, we took the time to discuss our wedding vows. Which ones were most difficult this past year? What did we do over the last 12 months that exemplify the promises we continue to make to each other? It’s an important conversation, and we feel its benefits immediately!

Another tradition we try to do each year is make a wish and throw pennies, one American and one Canadian, from the Rainbow Bridge overlooking Niagara Falls. However, geographical limitations sometimes require us to modify the location. Last year, we threw our pennies off a drawbridge into the Gulf of Mexico, near Honeymoon Island in Dunedin, Florida. This year, we decided that the canal running along the road where we live was the perfect place. Ligeia crosses this bridge every day on her way to work, and in its simplicity, it represents our current life in Chiang Mai.

Of course, we don’t use pennies here in Thailand. Instead, we opted for one-Baht coins, minted this year – 2555 in Thailand – so they’re bright and shiny.

And, finally, to add to our growing collection, a photo taken by a passerby just before we make our wishes and toss our coins into the water below.

As we do each year at this time, we ask ourselves: “I wonder where we’ll be next year when we renew our vows?”

With lots of love,
Mindy & Ligeia  :):)

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