Sarina with Helen

Interview with Sarina Farb, author of Born Vegan

I first learned of Sarina Farb while reading her open letter in response to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has been speaking out about the importance of the environment. Sarina’s beautifully and academically written words encouraging the newly-elected US congresswoman to embrace veganism led me to want to hear more of what Sarina has to say. So, […]

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Finding Shifen Falls - Taiwan - Featured

Finding Shifen Falls, Taiwan

When looking up things to do in Taiwan, I came across Shifen Falls just outside the capital city of Taipei. What struck me as especially interesting was that the Taiwanese often refer to Shifen Falls as a “mini Niagara Falls”. Mindy and I were married at Niagara Falls and so I found myself wanting to do my own […]

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Vegan Friendly Countries - Featured

The Most Vegan-Friendly Countries We Have Visited

Our wanderlust has taken us all over the world and although we have never regretted visiting any country, there are some countries in which it is easier to be vegan than others. But this doesn’t mean that we would have traded our experiences on the high Tibetan plateau or the rice terraces of Banaue, Philippines simply […]

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2014 Year in Review - Featured

Year in Review: 2014

What a year! 2014 was a year of amazing travel including to three new countries and major changes such as relocating across the world as we begin the next chapter of our lives. Let’s look back at this eventful year: Singapore In January, I was lucky enough to travel with Lek Chailert, the founder of […]

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Vegan in Taipei - Featured

Being Vegan in Taipei

I was delightfully surprised at how easy it was to be a vegan in Taipei. From street food options to a full-fledged vegan supermarket veganism was not only understood but, possibly due to the prevalence of Buddhism in Taiwan, also respected. On numerous occasions I dined with Buddhist monks, who shared my compassion for all living beings. Restaurants […]

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Beitou Hot Springs

Experiencing Long Nai Tang Hot Springs in Beitou, Taiwan

Wanting to include a hot springs experience in my day trip to Taipei’s Beitou district, I looked up places online and found an vast array of choices. Long Nai Tang Hot Springs seemed the most appealing as it was the oldest, dating back to 1896, and it had no website of its own. I only found […]

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Beitou District - Taipei - Featured

A Day Trip to Beitou

A great way to spend a day in Taipei is by exploring the Beitou district. From a geothermal valley and hot springs to a Buddhist temple and several museums, activities in Taipei’s northwest district are quite varied. Here’s how I spent the day: Beitou Park Just across the street from the Xinbeitou metro station Beitou […]

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Elephant Mountain - Hiking in Typhoon - Featured

Sightseeing in Taipei During Typhoon Season

“A typhoon is coming!” The hotel staff delivered this message with a smile and seemingly without real concern. “It’s making a stop here on its way to Japan”, they explained. Coming from a part of the world where typhoons are as exotic as using a coconut as a drinking vessel, I really didn’t know how […]

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Easy Mind Guesthouse - Taipei - Featured

Easy Mind Guesthouse – Taipei, Taiwan

Tucked away on the 12th floor of an unassuming building on busy Chengde Street, Easy Mind Guesthouse is only a short 10 minute walk from Taipei’s Main Station. First Impression Easy Mind Guesthouse makes a good first impression with a lobby and kitchen area with modern decor and a friendly staff. All guests are asked to […]

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Main Inn Taipei

Taipei Main Inn – Taipei, Taiwan

Perfectly located in downtown Taipei, Taipei Main Inn is directly across from Exit Y13 of Taipei’s Main Station, servicing the Red and Blue lines, making it very easy to get to anywhere in the city quickly. Compared to other accommodation options near the Main Station, Taipei’s Main Inn offers the best value for your money. […]

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Ooh Cha Cha Vegan Cafe - Taipei, Taiwan

Ooh Cha Cha Cafe – Vegan Restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan

Conveniently located practically right outside Exit 2 of Taipei’s Guting Station (green line), Ooh Cha Cha Cafe has brought both delicious and healthy vegan options to the neighborhood. The owners, university sweethearts from Southern California named Mai and Spencer, are passionate about providing healthful cruelty-free dishes, promoting messages like “kindness” and “compassion” in their restaurant. Atmosphere […]

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Knife Massage Taipei

Getting a Knife Massage in Taipei

So I was walking back to my hostel in the underground shopping mall at Taipei’s Main Station and just when I was about to climb the stairs at Exit Y13 something curious caught my eye. Were those people really being hit with butcher knives? Seeing my surprise, and perhaps a look of utter horror, a […]

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