Splitting Peas?

So it’s become somewhat of a ritual that every Saturday and Wednesday morning we get up early to go to the farmer’s market down the road. On Saturday we noticed this bundle of some sort of vegetable, but already trying so many other new things, we opted not to get it. This morning however, we decided to go ahead and get them. For 10 Baht (30 cents) this bundle was ours:

 Having no idea what these were, Ligeia opened one up and this is what the inside looked like:

 Inside were filled with these little pods:

When you opened the pod, it looked like a split pea inside:

 The entire bundle only produced this much edible stuff (still to be determined):

Ligeia bravely tried some raw and it was the worst thing ever! Seriously, forget water-boarding, just give someone some of this and they will tell you anything you want to know. It actually burns. So does anyone know what this is? Is this how split peas grow? I’ve only seen them in a soup or in a package of “dried split peas”. If there are any agriculturally wise people out there, please leave a comment. (If you don’t want to sign up for a google account, just post the comment anonymously.)

I wonder what strange new thing tomorrow will bring!
Mindy and Ligeia :):)

4 thoughts on “Splitting Peas?

  1. Anonymous

    they sure aren't peas. split peas you find in soup are just garden green peas left to mature till dry. they split rather easily either while cooking or before.
    these are a new one on me, and i've seen a lot.

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