Ligeia and Mindy in Abu Dhabi, UAEWe’re the travelling team of Ligeia, a US-American, and Mindy, a Canadian, currently calling Florida, USA home, where Ligeia is an ESL language instructor and Mindy works in freelance web design, both professions allowing for a nomadic life.

We believe that every country has something wonderful to offer and discovering these hidden gems – food, culture, people, scenery – is our daily motivation. Of course, we’ve also learned to take our misadventures in stride, and in addition to these spicing up our journeys, they make for fantastic stories afterward!

We are both vegans, feeling strongly that our animal friends deserve the same rights as our fellow humans. Ligeia was raised vegetarian, and has never considered meat to be edible. Mindy, on the other hand, grew up on meat and potatoes, so the transition to a meat-free life has been more of a sacrifice. In the summer of 2012, we decided to become vegan after we learned of the cruelty that lies within the egg and dairy industries. As travelers, the vegan lifestyle can make things difficult, but we do our best to find those hidden gems where we can eat in peace. Of course, our bags are always stocked with enough nuts in case our options are lacking. It’s our goal to uncover great, vegan-friendly locales everywhere we go!

Mindy and Ligeia's WeddingAnd, just in case you haven’t noticed yet, we’re lesbians. We met while teaching English in Germany, got married on September 16, 2006 in Niagara Falls, and we chose the location as it’s a world wonder our two countries share.  Traveling and experiencing different cultures as lesbians isn’t always easy, but we strive to be open and out of the closet wherever we go, normalizing our marriage every step of the way.

We started this blog way back in December 2005, with the primary intention of keeping our friends and family up to date with what was going on with us. Today, we hope to reach a broader audience that is not only interested in our daily lives, but also fellow travelers that share one or more similar interests.

We see the world as a vast playground, made up of 193 countries (more if you include autonomous regions), and our goal is to visit them all. We hope you come along for the ride!