Mindy’s Walk to Work

Considerably later than Ligeia, Mindy heads off on her walk to work at about 8:35am, and heads in the complete opposite direction. She stays in the small streets of their neighborhood, passing by homes, apartment buildings and restaurants (the blue and white tarp covers it up this early in the morning!)…

…and small fruit stands (which are closed by the time Mindy walks home after work)…

Once she gets to the main street of Nimmanhaemin, the village feel flies out the window, and Mindy’s reminded that she’s in the second biggest city in Thailand. At 8:45am, the street is busy with commuter traffic of cars, motorbikes, mopeds, bicycles and pedestrians. Crossing the street often involves two stages: getting to the middle and hanging out on the center yellow lines until it’s safe to cross completely! Don’t worry, there’s usually one or two fellow pedestrians in the makeshift island, so cars know to expect us.

Below is an Italian restaurant which serves fantastic gelato. Ligeia and Mindy have already planned a return visit to try their “authentic” pizzas and a new flavor of iced dessert.

And finally, Mindy arrives at her office. It’s a 3-level conversion from what appears to be a home. It has air-conditioning, which is a blessing in this heat and humidity!

That’s it for now! It’s actually time for her journey to start for the day!
Take care, and we’ll write again soon.
Mindy  : )

One thought on “Mindy’s Walk to Work

  1. Anonymous

    Good morning Mindy,
    thanks for letting me walk with you. For all that it is still work it looks great. Only sorry they close up the fruit stands and you have no chance of buying anything on your way home.
    I love the rich colours everywhere. Have a great day!
    Love from Oma 🙂

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