Finished with Renovations

Ligeia went up to the house for the final time this morning. She leaves early Sunday morning for New England, where she will spend a week before meeting Mindy in Montreal. The two of them will spend a week in Toronto before flying to Abu Dhabi, UAE and then on to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Here are some before and after shots of the work that has been done on the house:
The smaller bedroom looked like this before…
…and after like this. We painted the walls and baseboards as well as installed tile. This is the same tile that extends throughout the entire house.


Similarly, here is a before shot of the living room:
And here it is after the changes:
Here is the before picture of the larger bedroom. Notice the old curtains and the very large nasty stain in the carpet. This is the main reason we had to rip up the carpet in the entire house and decide on a new flooring:
Here is the bedroom after the curtain removal, some paint and new tile:

There are always a lot of birds flying around the property, including some very cute little birds that have made nests in the two palm trees in our front yard. And only two streets away we found this large group of birds nesting. There were at least 50 of them:
After all those nice changes it’s a shame that we won’t be living in it…at least not for awhile. Hopefully we’ll find a nice renter who will take good care of the property while we’re gone.
Ligeia will spend her last evening in Florida by watching a movie with Erick on the couch, eating some yummy popcorn. She’s going to miss him so much!
Lots of love to everyone,
Ligeia 🙂

2 thoughts on “Finished with Renovations

  1. Julie B

    The renovations look great! Did Ligeia put the tile down herself? Quite impressive….maybe I will hire you guys to do my house 😉 Have a safe and fun trip…looking forward to reading all about it.

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