Ligeia’s Walk to Work

Ligeia begins her walk at 7am and it starts with walking out to the main road Klong Chon Pratan:

She then crosses at this small bridge only for pedestrians…although often motorbikes try to make their way through too:

Here is the view once on the bridge:

Once across, Ligeia continues her walk down a side street towards the university. Notice the mountains in the back:

She passes a Buddhist temple on her right:

At the end of the side street, Ligeia makes a right and on her left is this gated road that she can slip through (when it’s not open), like this guy is doing in the opposite direction. This is one of the many entrances to the university:

She passes the post office where she often mails postcards, letters or packages:

Then Ligeia walks through the beautiful section, with a waterway and bridges:

The last leg of her journey takes her across the street and up the hill to the English Department:

Her office is on the 2nd floor towards the end of this hallway:

This is the sign on her office door. The first symbol stands for “Ajarn” which means teacher or professor:

And here she is, having made it to work:

There is a vegetarian section at the science cafeteria that Ligeia goes to every day. Two entrees plus a bunch of rice comes to a grand total of 20 Baht ($.66). Not bad huh?

Lots of love to you all!
Ligeia 🙂

4 thoughts on “Ligeia’s Walk to Work

  1. Anonymous

    Good Morning Ligeia,
    its like my picture of you has a frame now and my thoughts can follow you in the mornings and after work.
    Glad you found this teaching job!
    All looks great.
    Love from Oma 🙂

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