Sleeping in a tent on the Great Wall

The Best Worst Night Sleeps I’ve Ever Had

So often travel photographs and the stories that go along with them only highlight the wonderful, the amazing and the life-changing aspects to the trip. When I show my pictures to family, friends and travel enthusiasts, they see that spectacular view or the amazing animals and listen to the funny or insightful stories that go […]

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Essential Items Packing List - Featured

Top Five Things on our Packing List

The frequently on-the-move lifestyle of the backpacker dictates bringing only the bare minimum as to avoid schlepping copious amounts around the world. As such, that perfect pair of shoes that go with everything you packed and shampoo that doubles as body wash, dish soap and laundry detergent, should make the list. In no particular order, […]

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Hiking Along the Li River - Yangshuo - River and Karst Peaks

Hiking Along the Li River, Yangshuo, China

Today was one of wonderful people. It began with us changing rooms again because ours was booked for that night. The new room hadn’t been cleaned yet so the woman working at the front desk proceeded to clean it. This was clearly not her job, so she apologized afterwards because it “wasn’t as good as […]

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