Celebrating a Decade of Marriage

My dearest Mindy, How can I begin to sum up the past ten years? Perhaps I should go back to our wedding day, which feels both far away and just like it was yesterday. Watching you sleep the next morning, I felt so incredibly lucky and grateful that you chose to share your life with me. […]

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Standing Up Against Westboro Baptist Church in Orlando

As I took the exit to I-4, I began reflecting on why I was going to Orlando in the first place. When the news of the Pulse nightclub shooting broke, I was in a wifi-less cottage in the woods next to a lake in Ontario, Canada. When I eventually got online the internet lit up […]

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Going to Church on Easter Island

As I dipped my fingers into a shell filled with holy water, I stood for a moment at the doorway making the sign of the cross and taking in the church interior which was simply decorated with Rapa Nui art. I knew then that what I was about to experience was miles away from the Catholic […]

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Valle de la Luna in the Atacama Desert, Chile

Valle de la Luna – A Different World

“You must go to Valle de la Luna”, the Chilean woman at the Cejar Laguna told me, “It’s like a different world”. And so Valle de la Luna was solidified on my bucket list! Out of all the daily adventures my mother and I took in the Atacama Desert, considered the driest place on earth, […]

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Sleeping at the Dublin Airport

I should have known that my evening in the Dublin airport would be eventful when the excelerator in the bus that had picked me up in Sligo suddenly stopped working about a mile away from the airport. We began inching our way every so slowly as we drifted in neutral as far as we could […]

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Livestock Auction - Featured

Empire Livestock Auction in Bath, New York

In order to educate myself on the meat and dairy industries, I decided to visit a stockyard, where animals are routinely auctioned off to the highest bidder. I wanted to see what kind of animals come through the auction, what kind of treatment they receive and what type(s) of people attend such auctions. I chose […]

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The Best Hotel Room Ever

I’ve slept in all sorts of accommodations all around the world from 5-star hotels in Morocco and Peru to a home stay with a Mayan family in Guatemala and a Gwi family in Thailand to ocean front bungalows in Belize and the Philippines. As wonderful as these experiences were, they simply can not compare with my most […]

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Visiting a Slaughterhouse - Featured

Standing Vigil at the Conestoga Slaughterhouse

We drove through beautiful wheat fields set to the backdrop of deciduous trees showing off their flashy fall foliage. It would have been simply a lovely ride in the country if we didn’t know where we were going. I had never been to a slaughterhouse before and was a little nervous but felt that our anxiety […]

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Applying for a Green Card as a Lesbian Couple

I had been fighting for many years to be able to live in my own country with my Canadian wife, but the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was blocking me from my right to pursue happiness in this way. Even after writing letters to every senator and every presidential candidate two times around and famous […]

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Berlin - History from Frau B - Featured

The History of Berlin Through the Eyes of Frau B

“This is where he stood,” Frau B told me as she stood tall with a male stance. “There was a huge crowd,” she continued pointing to where she had stood. “We shouted ‘Ken-ne-dy, Ken-ne-dy.’” Frau B couldn’t understand his entire speech because she did not speak English, but she remembers the most famous part very […]

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Beitou Hot Springs

Experiencing Long Nai Tang Hot Springs in Beitou, Taiwan

Wanting to include a hot springs experience in my day trip to Taipei’s Beitou district, I looked up places online and found an vast array of choices. Long Nai Tang Hot Springs seemed the most appealing as it was the oldest, dating back to 1896, and it had no website of its own. I only found […]

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Beitou District - Taipei - Featured

A Day Trip to Beitou

A great way to spend a day in Taipei is by exploring the Beitou district. From a geothermal valley and hot springs to a Buddhist temple and several museums, activities in Taipei’s northwest district are quite varied. Here’s how I spent the day: Beitou Park Just across the street from the Xinbeitou metro station Beitou […]

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Knife Massage Taipei

Getting a Knife Massage in Taipei

So I was walking back to my hostel in the underground shopping mall at Taipei’s Main Station and just when I was about to climb the stairs at Exit Y13 something curious caught my eye. Were those people really being hit with butcher knives? Seeing my surprise, and perhaps a look of utter horror, a […]

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Unusual Classrooms

Unusual Classrooms

Teaching English as a Second Language lends itself to a nomadic lifestyle, allowing me to combine my love of teaching with my love of traveling. I have taught in four countries including my own, spanning three continents. While usually my classrooms have been the standard desk, chair and white board scenario, my travels have opened […]

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German Holding Cell - Police Sign

How I Ended Up in a German Holding Cell

As soon as I saw them enter the train car I knew I was in trouble. The doors closed, the jerk of the subway starting caused everyone to unanimously jolt forward and then back, and the new passengers announced themselves with “Fahrscheine bitte” (tickets please). Riding Schwarz I had forgotten to renew my monthly pass when […]

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Singaraja to Ubud in a Fruit Truck

From Singaraja to Ubud in the Back of a Fruit Truck

After a wonderful four days in Bali’s northwest village of Pemuteran it was time to move on to the next adventure and Ubud was calling our names. The options for getting there, however, were either very expensive (500,000 Rp to hire your own driver) or very out of the way (going all the way to […]

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Windsor Locks Canal Company

What I Miss About Windsor Locks, Connecticut

The tiny town of Windsor Locks never makes anyone’s travel bucket list but I must admit that I feel lucky to have lived there for three years. Spanning only 9.4 sq miles (24.35 km²), the smallest town in Connecticut slowly grows on you and before you know it, it feels like home. It’s the kind […]

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Elephant Kraal in Ayuthaya, Thailand

Elephant Kraal in Ayuthaya

On my last morning I took a final look at the map of Ayuthaya that the guesthouse gave me when I noticed a small cartoon-drawn elephant with the label “Elephant Kraal” in the top right corner of the page. With a piqued interest, I looked into this further and discovered that this was the last […]

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