Sleeping in a tent on the Great Wall

The Best Worst Night Sleeps I’ve Ever Had

So often travel photographs and the stories that go along with them only highlight the wonderful, the amazing and the life-changing aspects to the trip. When I show my pictures to family, friends and travel enthusiasts, they see that spectacular view or the amazing animals and listen to the funny or insightful stories that go […]

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Together with your shayne meydle

Baba’s Story – Surviving the Shoah

Dear Baba, Today is your birthday and although we have never met, I am thinking of you. You may not know this but every time I dust the dining room table and chairs, which you had protected with plastic for so many years and that now stands in our dining room, I say hello to […]

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Hiking in Whistler, British Columbia

It was so cold that I could see my breath in front of me, my feet and legs ached and I was standing at the bottom of the black diamond trail looking up at what I had in store if I accepted this challenge. I hadn’t seen a single person for over an hour and the way looked a bit precarious […]

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Celebrating a Decade of Marriage

My dearest Mindy, How can I begin to sum up the past ten years? Perhaps I should go back to our wedding day, which feels both far away and just like it was yesterday. Watching you sleep the next morning, I felt so incredibly lucky and grateful that you chose to share your life with me. […]

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Rawlicious Vegan Restaurant - Featured

Rawlicious – Vegan Restaurant in Barrie, Ontario

With numerous locations throughout southern Ontario, Rawlicious is a vegan restaurant chain that offers a seemingly endless variety of raw, vegan dishes. I had the opportunity to visit the location Barrie, Ontario, located steps away from Lake Simcoe, to celebrate my birthday with family. Atmosphere Although the restaurant is small and housed on the ground floor of a business […]

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2014 Year in Review - Featured

Year in Review: 2014

What a year! 2014 was a year of amazing travel including to three new countries and major changes such as relocating across the world as we begin the next chapter of our lives. Let’s look back at this eventful year: Singapore In January, I was lucky enough to travel with Lek Chailert, the founder of […]

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Visiting a Slaughterhouse - Featured

Standing Vigil at the Conestoga Slaughterhouse

We drove through beautiful wheat fields set to the backdrop of deciduous trees showing off their flashy fall foliage. It would have been simply a lovely ride in the country if we didn’t know where we were going. I had never been to a slaughterhouse before and was a little nervous but felt that our anxiety […]

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Toronto Skyline

Being Vegan in Toronto

We had lived in Toronto for over five years as vegetarians and had no trouble finding ingredients to cook at home or vegetarian options when eating out. But, during our 2.5 year stint in Thailand, we had become vegan and wondered how we would fare in this city as vegans. So, we were delighted to come […]

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Hot Beans - Featured

Hot Beans – Vegan Restaurant in Toronto, Canada

Perfectly situated in Toronto’s Kennsington Market, Hot Beans serves up the most unusual burritos and tacos we have ever come across. This small vegan eatery has been successful since it opened three years ago and we were eager to find out why. Atmosphere Hot Beans is perfectly sized for its take-out/delivery concept. The atmosphere seems to reflect […]

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Applying for a Green Card as a Lesbian Couple

I had been fighting for many years to be able to live in my own country with my Canadian wife, but the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was blocking me from my right to pursue happiness in this way. Even after writing letters to every senator and every presidential candidate two times around and famous […]

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Hogtown Vegan - Featured

The Hogtown Vegan – Toronto, Canada

Located in Toronto’s west end the Hogtown Vegan serves up cruelty-free comfort food. If you are looking for a homey place to share a meal with friends, family or someone special, head over to 1056 Bloor Street West for a tasty bite…ok, maybe many tasty bites as the plates arrive to your table chock full of yummy […]

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Fresh Restaurant - Vegetarian and Vegan Toronto

Fresh – Vegetarian Restaurant in Toronto, Canada

Located in Toronto’s Trinity Bellwoods neighborhood, Fresh Restaurant has been serving up modern vegetarian food since 1999. Of Fresh’s four locations, we used to frequent Fresh’s Queen Street West location, and after living abroad for 3 years, we wanted our first meal back on Canadian soil to be at one of our favorite vegetarian restaurants in Toronto, so […]

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Sleeping on the Balcony - Sheets

Sleeping on the Balcony

First on our Toronto bucket list was to sleep on our balcony. It has been warm at night for the past several nights and we had been sleeping outside (and on the ground) during our canoe trip so this seemed like the perfect time to try it. Sleeping on the balcony involved several steps: First, […]

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