Participating in the Women’s March on Washington

Our chartered yellow school bus drove under the sign that read “Greenbelt Metro Lot Full” and I said to my friend quietly, “wow, really?” in disbelief. I could hear other women saying, “I’ve never seen that lot full” and “It can’t already be full so early in the morning”. But as we passed the very full parking […]

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Celebrating a Decade of Marriage

My dearest Mindy, How can I begin to sum up the past ten years? Perhaps I should go back to our wedding day, which feels both far away and just like it was yesterday. Watching you sleep the next morning, I felt so incredibly lucky and grateful that you chose to share your life with me. […]

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Standing Up Against Westboro Baptist Church in Orlando

As I took the exit to I-4, I began reflecting on why I was going to Orlando in the first place. When the news of the Pulse nightclub shooting broke, I was in a wifi-less cottage in the woods next to a lake in Ontario, Canada. When I eventually got online the internet lit up […]

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Visiting Jamaica as a Lesbian Couple

Jamaica has a reputation for being one o the most homophobic countries in the world, so before embarking on our mini-vacation we did some research (as we always do) to find out exactly what we might be up against and to decide whether or not to be out as a lesbian couple while exploring this […]

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Sisterhood of the World Blogging Award

We were nominated for a Sisterhood of the World Blogging Award!  We are very honored and thankful to Amanda Burger of Wait, what is this?… The SOTW Blogging Award is a peer-nominated travel blogging award given to women, by women! Once you get one, congratulate yourself, have a small party, then thank your awesome nominator and […]

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The Aspen Inn in Fort Klamath, Oregon

Located only 20 miles south of Oregon’s famous Crater Lake, The Aspen Inn in the quaint town of Fort Klamath is the perfect alternative to the very expensive and always full accommodations inside Crater Lake National Park. The Owner Heidi McLean purchased The Aspen Inn in June of 2003 and has never looked back. With a background […]

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Finding Shifen Falls - Taiwan - Featured

Finding Shifen Falls

When looking up things to do in Taiwan, I came across Shifen Falls just outside the capital city of Taipei. What struck me as especially interesting was that the Taiwanese often refer to Shifen Falls as a “mini Niagara Falls”. Mindy and I were married at Niagara Falls and so I found myself wanting to do my own […]

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Applying for a Green Card as a Lesbian Couple

I had been fighting for many years to be able to live in my own country with my Canadian wife, but the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was blocking me from my right to pursue happiness in this way. Even after writing letters to every senator and every presidential candidate two times around and famous […]

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Lesbian in Thailand - Apple - Featured

Apple’s Story: A Lesbian in Thailand

Editor’s Note: We met Apple at Elephant Nature Park, where she lives and works as a guide. She shares her knowledge of elephants with visitors who come to the park to volunteer, teaching them about the lives of individual elephants as well as the plight of Thai elephants in general. Apple has learned non-violent techniques […]

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Elephant Lesbians - Tilly and Mae Kham Puan

Tilly and Mae Kham Puan – A Lesbian Elephant Couple

Elephants are matriarchal by nature, forming strong, tight-knit all-female herds, kicking out males when they become of age. In the wild, female elephants only consort with males for reproductive purposes, always returning to the herd. In the wild, Southeast Asian jungles, herds are typically comprised of only family members. However, in sanctuaries, such as Elephant Nature Park, […]

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Shariah Law Hotel - Quran and Prayer Rug

Surviving Sharia Law as a Lesbian Couple

Just as we were about to click the “book now” button, we decided to first read a few reviews of the hotel in Jakarta we were considering. This is when we learned that the hotel follows Sharia Law. Out of both curiosity and adventure we confirmed our booking, wondering what we had in store for […]

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All the Relationships We've Been

All the Relationships We’ve Been

Of course, the title of this post is rather preposterous. The only variance in our relationship has been its natural progression from dating to engaged to married. However, this post highlights the relationships we’ve been through the eyes of others around the globe. Let’s start this roulette wheel of relationships with the most benign assumption: […]

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SONiA of Disappear Fear - Interview

Interview: Singer-Songwriter SONiA

Editor’s Note: Singer-songwriter SONiA, from Ligeia’s hometown of Baltimore, has been performing her inspiring music around the world sung in 4 different languages! We’ve been lucky enough to see her on stage a couple of times in Baltimore, as well as the Red Roof Women’s Festival in Ontario, Canada. 1. When did you realize you wanted […]

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Happy Healthy Lesbian Retreat

Interview: Amy from The Happy Healthy Lesbian

Editor’s Note: Amy is the founder of The Happy Healthy Lesbian, a website dedicated to supporting queer women to live their best lives. She’s a fantastic life coach and focused on increasing happiness among women in the lesbian and queer community. In our interview with Amy, we find out her inspirations, what life is like […]

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Advantages of traveling as a lesbian couple

Advantages of Traveling as a Lesbian Couple

As we go about our day-to-day lives, we are often reminded of how we are, as lesbians, in a very small minority among the global population. Research polls suggest that only about 5% of all women identify as lesbian, and that figure doesn’t change when traveling. In a sea of straight couples on their journeys, […]

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Kissing and making a wish with a sky lantern

Beating the 7 Year Itch!

In 1955, Marilyn Monroe starred in the movie, The Seven Year Itch, which presented the idea that marriages are doomed at or around the 7th anniversary. This claim is actually supported by census data over the last 60 years, at least in the United States, as most first marriages end in divorce in 8 years. […]

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Ligeia and Mindy kiss at their wedding

Why the Fall of DOMA is Monumental for Us

We met in Berlin, Germany in 2004 and fell in love. After living together in a coal-oven heated, 5th floor walk-up apartment in the former East Berlin, we quickly discovered we had found our respective soulmate. Our desire to get married “at home” compelled us to leave Germany. But our definition of “home” was different […]

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