Our 6th Wedding Anniversary!

Today, we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. Traditionally, this calls for gifts of iron in the US (or sugar in the UK). Although we’d love to have a cast-iron frying pan or a wrought-iron gate, those gifts aren’t too practical at the moment. So, instead, we celebrated by getting a high iron content in our […]

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A Rough Day for Song Taews

Just to refresh your memory, a “song taew” is a red truck that acts as a shared taxi. This is a very popular way of getting around the city. Today, however, we witnesses two accidents, both involving a song taew: The first accident occurred as we were being shuttled home from the Elephant Nature Park. […]

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Getting the Color Right

In Thai culture, some people follow a strict color dress code, having a specific color to wear for each day of the week. It is said that starting the day off by wearing the “right color” is the smart thing to do.Ligeia was wearing all purple last Friday and was told by an elder in […]

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Vista Movie Theater in Kad Suan Kaew Chiang Mai

Going to the Movies in Thailand

Ever wonder if going to the movies is the same everywhere? Well, here’s what it’s like in Chiang Mai, Thailand: First, you go to one of these several counters to purchase tickets. For the matinee is costs 130 Baht each (about $4.30 US). When at the counter, you select your movie (we chose Ted, which […]

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Chiang Mai Football Club at 700 Year Stadium

Chiang Mai Football Club

Mindy and Ligeia were so excited to go to their first soccer game in Chiang Mai and it was Mindy’s first soccer game ever! Even before entering what is called the 700 Year Stadium we met their mascot, a tiger… …who, much like we were used to at other sports events, seemed to have fun […]

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Vendor Food in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Staples, Padlocks and Rubberbands

We have been living in Thailand for 4 months now and from what we’ve learned so far, we are of the strong belief that Thailand would cease to exist without three very important items: staples, padlocks and rubberbands.¬† What are they used for you ask? The easier question would be “What are they NOT used […]

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Huay Kaew Waterfall in Chiang Mai

Huay Kaew Waterfall

Desperately in need of some forested scenery, and an escape from the concrete jungle of Chiang Mai, Ligeia and Mindy went for a hike through Doi Pui National Park to visit the Huay Kaew Waterfall. Amazingly enough, the entrance to this National Park is only 1 km away from Chiang Mai University, where Ligeia works. […]

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Pai Canyon in Northern Thailand

Pai – Last Day: Visiting Pai Canyon

We awoke a little earlier than usual, ate breakfast, checked out and hit the road, once again enjoying the countryside and this time with the destination of the Pai Canyon. From the parking lot, the trail began like this: …but very soon graduated to this: It was easy to keep going in the canyon because […]

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Muang Pai Stone Forest

Pai – Day Four: Muang Pai Stone Forest

Our extra long weekend trip to Pai is nearing its end, and on our second-to-last day here we enjoyed sleeping in, and taking a couple longer motorbike rides through the countryside. Our first drive brought us to this beautiful temple. Unfortunately, we don’t know the name of it, but it was extraordinarily ornate. For the […]

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Scenic Pai, Thailand

Pai – Day Three: Exploring Scenic Pai

We began our day in the usual way: sleeping in and having breakfast on the water. Just as we were about to go for a motorbike ride, it began to rain so we scurried back to our bungalow and hung out, relaxing… …and watching the rain: Once the rain stopped, and the roads dried, we […]

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Journey to Pai – The Road of 1000 Curves!

We had heard tales of the windy, curvy road that connects the picturesque village of Pai with Chiang Mai. Highway 1095 is described in travel guides as one that can induce motion-sickness on even the strongest of stomachs. So, needless to say, Mindy (who gets motion sick from the peaceful sways of a hammock!) was […]

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Wachirathan Waterfall on Doi Inthanon near Chiang Mai

Exploring Mt. Inthanon – Day Trip

Mindy and Ligeia decided to take a day trip to Mt. Inthanon National Park. We signed up with a tour (mostly for the transportation but also because they knew where to go). Our first stop was a Karen hill tribe village, where 30 families live: Some homes are raised so that their livestock (pigs, buffalo, […]

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Mae Kampong Waterfall East of Chiang Mai

Day Trip to Baan Mae Kam Pong

Ligeia went with the English department at Chiang Mai University on a field trip to a village about an hour away called Mae Kam Pong. This village is an eco-tourism village and it’s main sources of money are coffee (seen below), tea and tourism: There were several locations for meditation including Buddhist temples and lots […]

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Mindy’s Walk to Work

Considerably later than Ligeia, Mindy heads off on her walk to work at about 8:35am, and heads in the complete opposite direction. She stays in the small streets of their neighborhood, passing by homes, apartment buildings and restaurants (the blue and white tarp covers it up this early in the morning!)… …and small fruit stands […]

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