Day Trip to Baan Mae Kam Pong

Mae Kampong Waterfall East of Chiang Mai
Ligeia went with the English department at Chiang Mai University on a field trip to a village about an hour away called Mae Kam Pong. This village is an eco-tourism village and it’s main sources of money are coffee (seen below), tea and tourism:
There were several locations for meditation including Buddhist temples and lots of greenery to be close to nature. This bell tells the villagers when it’s time for meditating, eating etc. We learned that many traveling monks come to this village as well.

Mae Kam Pong, nestled in the side of a mountain, boasts beautiful views, such as this one:

A little relaxing never hurt anyone either, especially in a hammock made of bamboo:

After lunch we all took a walk through the jungle with an herb specialist who told us all about and had us try various leaves and parts of plants that can help with a wide variety of ailments. If anyone out there suffers from motion sickness, smelling a kaffir lime can help. A colleague of Ligeia’s is a testament to that as she sniffed a kaffir lime the whole way home and it was a much more pleasant ride for her than going to the village.
We continued to a series of 7 waterfalls (or one waterfall with 7 tiers). Either way, it was gorgeous and a wonderful hike to the top.

Once up there, several of us took off our shoes and cooled off by going in the water. Here are Ice, Jirapat and Ligeia:

And just to leave you with something odd, we found this in the village. Don’t see that every day!

All in all, it was a really fun day. There are possibilities of spending the night or a longer stay in a homestay as well. Here is a website if you want more information: Mae Kampong Website
There seems to be frequent trips with the English Department so hopefully Ligeia will get to experience another fun field trip, either local or not so local, again soon.
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

3 thoughts on “Day Trip to Baan Mae Kam Pong

  1. Anonymous

    Dear Ligeia,
    good to see that you had such a lovely outing – you picked your job well! They make sure you don't get bored, treat and feed you well too. Very impressive!
    Thanks for sharing!
    We have a heat wave here and lots of mosquitos – enjoying the Summer too.
    Stay well!
    Love from Oma 🙂

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