Getting the Color Right

In Thai culture, some people follow a strict color dress code, having a specific color to wear for each day of the week. It is said that starting the day off by wearing the “right color” is the smart thing to do.
Ligeia was wearing all purple last Friday and was told by an elder in the neighborhood that she was wearing the wrong color. Ligeia then said that she liked purple and the woman responded that purple is for Saturdays.

After looking it up, we discovered that similar to European traditions, each day of the week has a corresponding God. These colors become very important when celebrating birthdays. The color of the birthday decorations for your party will depend on what day of the week you were born on. For example, the King was born on a Monday so yellow decorations will be seen throughout Thailand on his birthday.

Here is a chart, courtesy of Wikipedia, detailing the respective colors, planets and gods for each day:

Day Color of the day Planet God of the day
Sunday red Sun Surya
Monday yellow Moon Chandra
Tuesday pink Mars Mangala
Wednesday green Mercury Budha
Thursday orange Jupiter Brihaspati
Friday light blue Venus Shukra
Saturday purple Saturn Shani

Stay tuned for more Thai adventure. Who knows what we’ll get told next! 

Mindy and Ligeia :):)

4 thoughts on “Getting the Color Right

  1. Beth

    I just checked and I was born on a Sunday- so red- I wish it was purple. What are your colors?

    I miss you both, keep missing you on Skype. I'll send an email in the next day or two.

    Lots and lots of love- keep exploring.

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