Clothing of Northern Thailand – From Sarongs to Sins

Traditional Northern Thai Clothing
Northern Thai clothing is very beautiful. In general it seems warmer than its’ southern counterpart.
Sarongs are a common component of the Thai style clothing as well as tops with 3/4 sleeves such as the pics below. Here is Ligeia modeling some of the clothing that she wears to work (you can tell she likes purple!):
There is also a skirt called a “sin”in Thailand that Ligeia likes to refer to as “the circle skirt”. Here she is demonstrating how to put it on. First step into it like so:

Then hold it out to one side and pinch it close to your body:

Fold it over so that seam is approximately in the middle of the left leg:

Next, fold down the back part in the front, back and sides…

…forming a tight roll:

Finally, add a shirt and voila, you’re ready to go to work!

Thanks for following and a special thanks to Ligeia’s mom for suggesting this post idea.

One thought on “Clothing of Northern Thailand – From Sarongs to Sins

  1. Anonymous

    Wow – Ligeia – that is quite a fashion show and I like all your outfits. The SIN is really one size fits all – a great idea!
    Good demonstration! Thanks!
    Love to you and Mindy from Oma 🙂

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