Exploring Mt. Inthanon – Day Trip

Wachirathan Waterfall on Doi Inthanon near Chiang Mai
Mindy and Ligeia decided to take a day trip to Mt. Inthanon National Park. We signed up with a tour (mostly for the transportation but also because they knew where to go). Our first stop was a Karen hill tribe village, where 30 families live:

Some homes are raised so that their livestock (pigs, buffalo, chickens) can live underneath.

The main source of income (other than tourism) is agriculture including rice and coffee.

We saw a short weaving demonstration with this hand-made loom and cotton grown on the fields. Scarves, table-runners and other hand-woven items were made accessible for tourists to buy:
We learned that this white outfit is worn by girls until they are married after which they change to wearing a red skirt. The small red shirt in the guides left hand is worn by men.

The families of this village (and many hill tribe villages, we were told) are Christian. When the British came to this area (and the French to Laos) missionaries brought the Christian religion with them.

Our next stop was Wachirathan Falls (known as Rainbow Falls in English). We spent some time exploring this area before having lunch with a nice view of the falls.
After lunch we climbed back into the van and headed up to the very top of Mt. Inthanon, the highest point in Thailand at 2565 meters (8415 feet).┬áThe weather at the top of the mountain was considerably cooler (18C/65F) than what we’ve become accustomed to in Chiang Mai (35C/95F).

Heading back down the mountain again we stopped at the King and Queen pagodas. It was rather foggy making the place feel dream-like:

There were many stairs but given that Mindy had been both drugged up to fight car sickness and had been dealing with a bit of altitude sickness, we opted for the escalator:

Each pagoda was built on the 60th birthday of the King and Queen, respectively. Therefore, the King’s pagoda is 25 years old and the Queen’s is 20. Mindy and Ligeia both agree that the Queen’s pagoda is much more beautiful with purple being its featured color.

We enjoyed the serenity of the gardens and this beautiful bridge surrounding the Queen’s pagoda:

Our tour continued down the mountain and our next stop was a Royal Project to help the Hmong people (a hill-tribe) earn a living through organic farming of vegetables, fruits and grains rather than their previous livelihood of growing opium, which had been the number one crop in the area. For us this was an opportunity to do our weekly food shopping so we bought green peppers, tomatoes and broad beans.

Our final stop was the Sirithan Waterfall featuring a 40 meter (120 feet) high drop of the Mae Klang River:

Overall it was a really nice day. We were told that the views are gorgeous starting in about November. Not surprisingly, during the rainy season (June to October) the summit is often covered with fog.

Thanks for following our adventures with us.
Mindy and Ligeia :):)

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    All very interesting and quite a contrast program. Love all these colours. The motives were well chosen and I enjoyed all these pictures – thank you!
    Love from Oma:-)

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