Huay Kaew Waterfall

Huay Kaew Waterfall in Chiang Mai

Desperately in need of some forested scenery, and an escape from the concrete jungle of Chiang Mai, Ligeia and Mindy went for a hike through Doi Pui National Park to visit the Huay Kaew Waterfall. Amazingly enough, the entrance to this National Park is only 1 km away from Chiang Mai University, where Ligeia works. So, this particular hike might turn out to be a regular adventure for us!

Since it isn’t a very difficult hike and there’s a clear path to the top, it didn’t take long before we were at the summit and above the falls. Looking out over the city, we tried to see our condo building, but were unsuccessful.

Like any good Thai during the rainy season, we were relieved that we brought along our umbrellas as a monsoon rain shower passed over us while we were at the top. We just stood and enjoyed the coolness the rain brought:

Once the rain stopped, we continued on our hike through the dense, green jungle. With so much rain, everything is beautiful and lush, with vines growing all over the place!

Despite the fact that we saw and heard a lot of other people on our hike, as well as being right next to the main highway at some points, we were able to enjoy moments when we were completely alone with nature. That was certainly a highlight.

Before we left the park and flagged down a song-taew (shared taxi) to take us back home, we rested for a while at a viewpoint from just above the falls. You can’t see them from the photo below as they’re obstructed by all the trees. Perhaps they’ll be visible from this same point at the end of the dry season when the jungles aren’t so thick.

We’ll continue to try and discover new things to do in our area. At the moment, we’re trying to plan a weekend getaway somewhere. Of course, we’ll post all of our adventures here.

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