Pai – Day Four: Muang Pai Stone Forest

Muang Pai Stone Forest
Our extra long weekend trip to Pai is nearing its end, and on our second-to-last day here we enjoyed sleeping in, and taking a couple longer motorbike rides through the countryside. Our first drive brought us to this beautiful temple. Unfortunately, we don’t know the name of it, but it was extraordinarily ornate.

For the rest of the drive, we put the camera away and enjoyed the scenery and the wind blowing through our hair (well, Ligeia enjoyed that more than Mindy). When it began to rain, we took shelter at a vegan restaurant that served Chinese food as its specialty. We had dumplings and some fresh shakes: carrot & ginger; and pineapple & sweet basil. The latter was amazing!

We came back to our bungalow and relaxed a bit before heading back out again. This time, our goal was the Muang Pai Stone Forest. We followed the road signs, and the last stretch was a dirt road. Mindy’s ability on the motorbike has improved considerably over the last two days, that this was now doable.

We’ll have to do more research about how these rocks got to this region, but our hypothesis is that they’re erratics dropped by a receding glacier at the end of the Ice Age.

There was a path that led through the boulders, and it’s evident that this same path is one used by elephants for the tourist trekking camps. We had to avoid elephant poop with pretty much every step!

Being up on a hill, surrounded by growing crops, luscious greenery and mountains, watching the sun set, it was a gorgeous trip!

We went to Edible Jazz for dinner and found it had a nice atmosphere, usually offering live music but due to something called the Full Moon Party there was none this evening.
Tomorrow we will take the Barf Bus back to Chiang Mai in the early afternoon. Hopefully we get to sick in the very front!
Thanks for following and stay tuned for news of our return journey to Chiang Mai.
Mindy and Ligeia :):)

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