Magical Garden Cafe - Chiang Mai - Featured

Magical Garden Cafe – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Located at 24 Sriwichai Road, just outside of the beautiful Wat Suan Dok complex, Magical Garden Cafe is only a 5-10 minute ride away from guesthouses inside the moat, as well as the ever-popular Nimmanhaemin Road. Atmosphere A beautiful garden setting sets the atmosphere at the Magical Garden Cafe, as one of its greatest selling points. Just on the […]

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Centara Duangtawan

Centara Duangtawan – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Every year many tourists come to the small town of Chiang Mai to soak up the sun, relax from the stress of daily life and enjoy amazing cuisine. Located on the bustling street of Loy Kroh in the tourist center of Chiang Mai, the Centara Duangtawan Hotel provides the ultimate luxurious experience. First Impression One of the […]

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Vegetarian Cooking Class - Anchan Restaurant

Learning to Cook, Thai Style

Before we moved to Thailand, the extent of Thai dishes in my repertoire was a makeshift curry using store-bought green chili paste and coconut milk. Although I knew that I wasn’t preparing anything authentic, I hadn’t realized just how far from a true Thai dish it really was! After taking part in a full day […]

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Taste From Heaven Vegetarian Restaurant - Featured

Taste From Heaven – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Located on the quiet side street of Ratmakka Road, just off the inner Moat Road (Moon Muang), Taste From Heaven Vegetarian Restaurant is only a short five minute walk from ThaPae Gate. This restaurant used to be located on the other side of the moat but closed about a year ago in order to revamp […]

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Flower Festival Chiang Mai -

Chiang Mai Flower Festival: A Photo Essay

In the midst of the dry season, when the chill of the winter nights have finished for another year, Chiang Mai plays host to a wonderful Flower Festival. Colorful blooms of all varieties steal the show and it’s a fantastic way to usher in Spring to northern Thailand. Highlights of the festival include the Orchid […]

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Northbound Train from Bangkok

Special Express Train From Bangkok to Lopburi

Leaving Bangkok, heading northbound, the two hour bouncy train ride starts by taking you through small neighborhoods. With make-shift houses, made of pieces of grooved metal and occasional slabs of wood, built almost on top of the tracks, my eyes had plenty to focus on. I particularly liked a colorfully-painted library train, permanently stationed on […]

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Arom d Hostel Bangkok

Arom d Hostel – Bangkok, Thailand

Accommodations around the Grand Palace can be quite pricey due to the popular tourist attraction and the proximity to the Chao Phraya River. For many, therefore, staying in this area of Bangkok is simply not an option. However, Arom d Hostel (only a 10 minute walk to the main gate of the Grand Palace) offers […]

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The Black House – Capturing Darkness

Visiting the Black House (Baan Dam in Thai) in Chiang Rai left us wondering if the Vikings had made it all the way to Thailand. What we saw here, in the heart of northern Thailand, transported us back to our visits to Norway, reminding us of stave churches and stubbors. The architect, Thawan Duchanee, is […]

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White Temple: World of Bizarre

  Without a doubt the most popular attraction in Chiang Rai is the White Temple (Wat Rong Khun in Thai). Even if you’ve seen hundreds of temples while traveling throughout Southeast Asia, we guarantee that you’ve seen nothing like this and so it is definitely well worth the trip. The architect, Chalermchai Kisitpipa, is known throughout Thailand […]

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A Long Weekend in Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai is a small town, offering a quieter version of Chiang Mai, with narrow streets and shops that close early. The air is cooler and no one seems to be rushed. Guesthouses are abundant so be sure to keep looking if you are not completely satisfied. It is easy to find a double room […]

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Green Bus - Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai

Travel Tips: Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai

So, you’re planning on traveling the popular route from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai. Without a doubt, the Green Bus service, which monopolizes this well-trodden route, is convenient and quite painless. In Chiang Mai, Green Bus operates out of the newly renovated Arcade Bus Station. Walking through the main entrance, the shiny, green ticket counter […]

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Women in traditional Lanna dress holding Krathong, or lanterns, in parade

Loy Krathong – Paying Respects to the Water Goddess

Loy Krathong, meaning “floating crown” or “floating decoration”, is celebrated all parts of Thailand on the full moon in November. People make or buy “krathongs” (lanterns), usually from banana leaves, bamboo (so it can float) and orchids. Each has a small candle and sticks of incense. Thais and tourists alike can be seen walking to […]

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Baby Elephant Sleeping at Elephant Nature Park

Baby Elephant at the Elephant Nature Park

We went to Elephant Nature Park again for the day as we do every second Saturday. This time was an extra special visit though as we learned on the ride up about a baby elephant that had just arrived the day before. He was only 2 days old. Immediately upon arriving at the park we rushed to the enclosure that […]

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Forest Crested Lizard in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Animals of Chiang Mai, Thailand

We’ve been here for almost 2 months now (Wow, can you believe it?) and we’ve seen many animals. First of all, animals can appear in the least likely places, like this chicken, who we found in the office of the Elephant Nature Park: And continuing with the bird theme, pigeons are here too. This one […]

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Plough Sharing Ceremony in Bangkok, Thailand

Royal Ploughing Ceremony

We knew something was up when Ligeia turned on the TV and on 6 of the 15 channels, this is what she saw: Mindy went online to investigate and there was already a big clue on the Google homepage: Here’s what we learned: It is called Phraraj Pithi Jarod Phranangkal Raek Na Kwan or Royal […]

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