Loy Krathong – Paying Respects to the Water Goddess

Women in traditional Lanna dress holding Krathong, or lanterns, in parade

Loy Krathong, meaning “floating crown” or “floating decoration”, is celebrated all parts of Thailand on the full moon in November. People make or buy “krathongs” (lanterns), usually from banana leaves, bamboo (so it can float) and orchids. Each has a small candle and sticks of incense. Thais and tourists alike can be seen walking to the nearest river (in Chiang Mai, this means the Ping River) with their krathongs in hand. At the river bank, they will light the candle and incense, thank the river goddess for their use of her water, and send their beautifully crafted piece of humility down the river.

Because Yi Peng coincides with Loy Krathong, many sky lanterns are released as well, carrying one’s negativity with it. Loy Krathong in Chiang Mai means two days of parades. The parade included women dressed in traditional dress…

…the performing of traditional Thai music…

…and many floats that we could not fully understand.

After arriving back home from the downtown festivities, we joined in with the celebration in our neighborhood. A pedestrian bridge (the same one we made our annual wedding anniversary wish from) had been turned into a stage of sorts replete with tents and a karaoke machine. This is where the locals were partying down!

Along the side, a railed walkway and a small platform had been put up so people could release their “krathongs”:

Here is Ligeia with her krathong about halfway down the stairs to the canal, where she paid homage to the river goddess.
Here is the krathong that Mindy and Ligeia set forth down the river. We hope the river goddess is pleased because we rather enjoy having fresh clean water.
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2 thoughts on “Loy Krathong – Paying Respects to the Water Goddess

  1. Anonymous

    What a treat to be able to enjoy such amazing culture! Sometimes I look around my town and wonder what tourists would gain from it while they visited…
    I love the new blog layout! It's great!
    Love to you both!
    Jewel xo

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