Taste From Heaven – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Taste From Heaven Vegetarian Restaurant - Featured

Located on the quiet side street of Ratmakka Road, just off the inner Moat Road (Moon Muang), Taste From Heaven Vegetarian Restaurant is only a short five minute walk from ThaPae Gate. This restaurant used to be located on the other side of the moat but closed about a year ago in order to revamp their menu and change locations. We had waited with baited breath for this vegetarian locale to reopen as it had been one of our favorite restaurants in town. We were eager to see how the new Taste From Heaven compared to the old one.

Taste From Heaven Vegetarian Restaurant - Featured


This intimate-sized restaurant has a modern flare to it with upscale decor, yet is down to earth and comfortable with soft, colorful cushions on picnic style benches. Typical Thai additions, such as beautiful flowers and smiling servers, make Taste From Heaven inviting.

Taste From Heaven Vegetarian Restaurant - Dining Room

Dining Room


The menu consists of a variety of popular Thai dishes, including curries, soups and salads, and a few Western favorites like burgers and pasta dishes.

Taste From Heaven Vegetarian Restaurant - Pumpkin Curry

Pumpkin Curry with Sticky Rice


Taste From Heaven has conveniently displayed a (v) next to all the dishes that are vegan on their menu and we are happy to say that there were many options for us. We were also happy to learn that the staff would gladly make some of our old favorites, such as mushroom larb salad and choo chee, that did not make the new menu.

Having noticed an error on the menu where a dish (the samosas) were marked with a (v) and yet butter was included in the description, we recommend reading each description carefully and not solely relying on the (v).

Taste From Heaven Vegetarian Restaurant - Green Curry

Green Curry in Coconut

Prices and Service

The prices were comparable to those in the neighborhood and reflected the quality of both the ingredients and the skill of the chef. The waitresses were very friendly, spoke fluent English and were happy to help us make a decision.

All in all, we highly enjoyed both the food and dining experience at Taste From Heaven Vegetarian Restaurant and because we feel it has maintained all the aspects of the old restaurant that we enjoyed (most importantly the delicious-tasting food), we highly recommend eating a meal here.

4 thoughts on “Taste From Heaven – Chiang Mai, Thailand

  1. Lauren

    Hey there, just found your blog! We’re both vegan travellers as well 🙂 I’m loving all of your posts about the food you eat and the restaurants you visit – keep them coming! 🙂 We always blog about yummy vegan food, too!

  2. Linda

    Hello, I loved your restaurant and I know someone who is travelling to Chiang Mai, I googled you and on some of the sites that come up, it says you are closed, is this true? I hope not! You made me one of the best salads that I have ever eaten ♥

    1. Bounding Over Our Steps

      Hi Linda,
      We love Taste From Heaven as well. It was closed for awhile but reopened and has changed location. Their menu is smaller than before but all the food tastes great and we highly recommend eating at least one meal there while in Chiang Mai. I hope that your favorite salad is still on the menu. 🙂 It’s present location is just off Moon Muang (moat road) and Ratmakka Rd, near Soi 2. On the corner is the Elephant Nature Park office Walk down the street a little and you’ll see it on your right passed some used book stores. We also recommend Juicy for You in that area, which is even closer to the Moat Road and on your left.

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