Chiang Mai Flower Festival: A Photo Essay

Flower Festival Chiang Mai -

In the midst of the dry season, when the chill of the winter nights have finished for another year, Chiang Mai plays host to a wonderful Flower Festival.

Flower Festival Chiang Mai - Tulips


Flower Festival Chiang Mai - Daffodils and Lilies

Daffodils and Lilies

Colorful blooms of all varieties steal the show and it’s a fantastic way to usher in Spring to northern Thailand.

Flower Festival Chiang Mai - Orchids

Highlights of the festival include the Orchid Competition, the street market and the grandiose parade.

Flower Festival Chiang Mai - Orchid Competition

Stiff competition at the Orchid Competition

Flower Festival Chiang Mai - Orchids

Flower Festival Chiang Mai - Orchids

The Chiang Mai Flower Festival is definitely a treat for all your senses: floral scents; vibrant colors; marching bands; warm sun; and delicious street food from vendors.

Flower Festival Chiang Mai - Fruit Trees

Fruit trees for sale in the street market

Flower Festival Chiang Mai - Street Market

A bit of chaos in the street market

Entrance is free. The street market takes place along the inner southwest corner of the Old City’s moat, starting at Ratmakka Rd. The parade is held on the Saturday afternoon of the 3-day event (Friday – Sunday).

Flower Festival Chiang Mai - Parade

Gorgeous Parade

Do you know of any other Flower Festivals in the world? Where have you attended one?

5 thoughts on “Chiang Mai Flower Festival: A Photo Essay

  1. Alex

    I actually was in Chiang Mai last year when this was happening but missed it by a day when I popped over to Pai. Now I’m regretting that! How beautiful!

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