The Animals of Chiang Mai, Thailand

Forest Crested Lizard in Chiang Mai, Thailand
We’ve been here for almost 2 months now (Wow, can you believe it?) and we’ve seen many animals. First of all, animals can appear in the least likely places, like this chicken, who we found in the office of the Elephant Nature Park:

And continuing with the bird theme, pigeons are here too. This one is trying to stay dry in the rain:

This bird seems to be very common here. Several are making nests in the tree right outside our apartment. We caught one trying to make a nest on our balcony.

Squirrels seem to be different colors everywhere…gray in the States, black in Canada, red in other parts of the world. This is a Thai squirrel:

And now on to our favorite kinds of animals – lizards! Much like in Florida and other warm climates around the world, these geckos can be seen EVERYwhere:
Mindy spotted this cute little lizard just outside of American University Alumni when we were leaving an interview there. awwww so cute!

We saw this lizard at Wat Chan Man (the Buddhist temple with the elephant credi):

This skink we spotted on the sidewalk soaking up the sun:

And the coolest lizard we’ve seen here is this blue-headed lizard. It makes the neatest sound – sounds kind of like a bird at first and then it changes to “ut-oh, ut-oh”. We saw this one running down the tree behind our apartment, the same one where birds are building their nests:

Things are going well for us. Just yesterday we successfully extended our tourist visas for one more month, giving us more time to figure out the work permits.
Our jobs are going well and we’ve developed a bit of a routine here.
Hope all is well and thank you for visiting the blog.

2 thoughts on “The Animals of Chiang Mai, Thailand

  1. Anonymous

    Good to see all these lizards and birds and to know you are amongst these friends every day.
    Enjoy! – love from Oma:-)

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