Juicy 4 U – Vegetarian Restaurant – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Juicy 4 U - Vegetarian - Chiang Mai

Juicy 4 U - Vegetarian - Chiang MaiJuicy 4 U is located on Ratmakka Road, just off the inner Moat Road (Moon Muang) and only 200 meters from Tha Pae Gate. Situated next to the Elephant Nature Park office we found ourselves eating lunch there every day of the week for over a year. Even being so familiar with this locale, Juicy 4 U has remained one of our favorite vegetarian restaurant in Chiang Mai.


Juicy 4 U has mastered the relaxed atmosphere with picnic table seating, fun things to read on the walls, and calming music ranging from traditional Thai music to Bob Marley. This restaurant feels more like a neighborhood locale than an upscale restaurant.

Juicy 4 U - Dining Area

Comfortable and relaxed dining area


The menu consists of a variety of standard Thai dishes, including the northern specialty Khao Soi and pad thai, as well as Western dishes ranging from sandwiches and toasties to soups and bruschetta.

Juicy 4 U - Veggie Burger

Mouthwatering veggie burger!

Juicy 4 U - Bruschetta

Bruschetta – can be made with olive oil instead of garlic butter.

As their name suggests, their juices and smoothies are some of the absolute best in Chiang Mai. Using a professional juicer they will make any combination of fruit and vegetable smoothie right in front of you. Our favorites are apple-beet-carrot-ginger, and during mango season (March – May), we make sure to order smoothie combinations with mango in it.

Juicy 4 U - Fruit Smoothies

Delicious fruit smoothies – more mango please!

You can add spirulina to any drink and if you are feeling like a boost, and they also have wheatgrass shots available.


It is very easy to eat vegan at Juicy 4 U. The staff is aware of veganism and will therefore gladly leave mayonnaise off the veggie burger and substitute rice noodles for traditional egg ones in the Khao Soi. Their triple-decker sandwiches are made to order and you can choose up to 10 vegetables making for a very packed sandwich.

Juicy 4 U - Pad Thai

Pad Thai, no egg – one of our go-to favorites.

Juicy 4 U also serves up vegan desserts, such as key lime pie and the “magic cookie”. Be sure to look at the ingredients of the other options, as some may have honey, albeit raw and organic.

Prices and Service

The food at Juicy 4 U is very reasonably priced with no hidden charges, like adding extra for rice. The entire family is very friendly and will work hard to give you both a good meal and a good experience. The chef, Sophia, has a very bouncy personality and will frequently joke with the patrons.

Juicy 4 U - Sophia

The wonderful chef, Sophia, always with a smile.

On your next visit to Chiang Mai, we highly recommend enjoying a few meals and some delicious drinks at Juicy 4 U.

3 thoughts on “Juicy 4 U – Vegetarian Restaurant – Chiang Mai, Thailand

  1. Dale

    We must have walked past Juicy4U a half dozen times when we were there last year, and not once did we stop and get something to eat. Now feeling quite the fool 🙁 We did go to one or two other nice places with Cody and Giselle though.

  2. Chandra

    hi Mindy + Ligeia,
    THANKS for this great write-up for JUICY 4 U.
    I was in the midst of writing another TA review for them, and was looking for a website– your review was just as good, mentioning the various types of offerings they provide.
    take good care,

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