Baby Elephant at the Elephant Nature Park

Baby Elephant Sleeping at Elephant Nature Park
We went to Elephant Nature Park again for the day as we do every second Saturday. This time was an extra special visit though as we learned on the ride up about a baby elephant that had just arrived the day before. He was only 2 days old. Immediately upon arriving at the park we rushed to the enclosure that was still being built for him. He was sleeping after having walked around almost all night. Volunteers were sitting around him, fanning him to keep any insects from biting him. As you can see from the picture below, he has the cutest little…well everything! Look at the curl in the tiny trunk:

We went back to visit him several times throughout the day. One time we witnessed the baby elephant trying to get up after his nap and he needed a bit of help and was shaky when first walking around. He had improved significantly by the end of the day. Here he is, not even waist high:

So the story with this baby elephant goes like this: Someone in a Karen village about 8 hours away contacted Lek because an elephant gave birth and rejected the baby so they retrieved him right away. They were working on the paperwork for the mother all day today but given that it is the rainy season, getting the truck off the slippery, muddy mountain with a huge elephant in it proved a difficult task. So ENP sent its own truck out a few hours after lunch to retrieve the mother. If all goes well, she should be at the ENP by tomorrow (Sunday) sometime.

Several people stay with him at all times, feeding him milk from formula, swatting insects away from him and walking around him so he doesn’t scratch himself, possibly causing an infection. Without the anti-bodies only the mother’s milk can provide, he is extra susceptible to getting sick from an insect bite or cut.

Yesterday, Lek gave him a 60% chance of survival and today she gave him a 75% chance.

What an experience to say the least!

6 thoughts on “Baby Elephant at the Elephant Nature Park

  1. Anonymous

    Such a special baby! And what a challenge! Even if another Elephant would adopt him it would help this little guy and just the feeding would be required. I hope some mom will adopt him – maybe even his own will have seconds thoughts. Sending best wishes for a bright and healthy future for this little one.
    Thanks for sharing:-) Love from Oma 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Cute!! We love the postcard you guys sent us. We are all proud and inspired to have you guys in our lives.

    Much love,
    Madre and the Verdejos.

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