Meeting Lucky for the first time in Surin, Thailand

Lucky’s Story: Rescuing an Elephant in Thailand

It was late January when rumors started swirling that Save Elephant Foundation was getting ready to rescue another elephant. A few months earlier, during my trip to Surin province to witness Dao Tong’s rescue, my fear of throwing up on the truck due to my crippling motion sickness kept me from fully experiencing this momentous […]

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Matt and Chantelle Meet Sai Rung

Dao Tong: An Elephant Rescue Story

As you may know, since we volunteered at Elephant Nature Park in May 2012, the foundation that runs it (Save Elephant Foundation), its people and especially the animals it cares for have become very dear to our hearts. In late 2010, two Australians similarly volunteered and their lives immediately changed as well. During their week […]

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Baby Elephant Funeral at Elephant Nature Park

Raja Gaja’s Funeral

We arrived at Elephant Nature Park on Sunday morning and were shocked to hear the news the little baby elephant, Raja Gaja, had passed away the night before. Despite round-the-clock care, attention and love, he didn’t make it. The last several days included some major discomfort so this was seen as the end of his suffering. […]

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Baby Elephant Sleeping at Elephant Nature Park

Baby Elephant at the Elephant Nature Park

We went to Elephant Nature Park again for the day as we do every second Saturday. This time was an extra special visit though as we learned on the ride up about a baby elephant that had just arrived the day before. He was only 2 days old. Immediately upon arriving at the park we rushed to the enclosure that […]

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Bathing Elephant in the Mae Taeng River at the Elephant Nature Park

Ligeia’s Visit to Elephant Nature Park

Since Ligeia was only 2 kilometers away from the Elephant Nature Park where she and Mindy did the week of volunteer service, Ligeia decided to spend Friday afternoon and evening visiting the elephants. Oh how great it was to be back! Her visit began with lunch which was yummy and full of vegetarian choices! And […]

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Spending Time With Our Elephant Friends

We have befriended several of our fellow volunteers at the Elephant Nature Park and have been fortunate enough to spend more time with them while they are still in Chiang Mai. The group started out with quite a large number but day by day, friends leave Chiang Mai and continue on their way and to […]

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