Volunteering at Elephant Nature Park: Day Two – A Crappy Morning :)

Picking up Poop at Elephant Nature Park
Tuesday, our first full day at the park began at around 4am with a chorus of barking dogs. We tried our best to get back to sleep, but inevitably, something would rile the dogs each hour. We were both awake long before our alarm was scheduled to go off.
We enjoyed a small buffet breakfast and were ready for our morning chores by 8am. This particular morning, we joined a team of 6 volunteers in picking up the elephant poop left behind from the previous day. Creatively we called ourselves “Team Poop”:
We kept ourselves motivated by cracking jokes like “will this shit ever stop!” and “this is some heavy shit”…
…and by trying to do our best impression of American Gothic. How do you think we did?
It also didn’t hurt when an elephant walked by or watched us clean up the poop. Wow, to be so close to an elephant!
After our crappy morning we helped unload a banana delivery truck. Damn that’s a lot of bananas! 
After an obligatory shower we had a chance to feed some elephants again before lunch. Pumpkins, bananas, pineapples, and watermelons seem to be the favorites on the menu. 
When the humans finished their lunch, we headed down to the river to bathe the elephants again. This enjoyable “chore” was one we did every day!
Our afternoon work period was a relaxed elephant walk around the park, highlighted by sitting on the riverbank watching a family of elephants play and bathe. Here are some photos of the afternoon:
Ligeia with Mae Perm:
Mindy with Jokia:

An approaching thunderstorm forced us back to the skywalk of the main building.

After another delicious meal we participated in an evening program of Thai culture and language. There we learned basic do’s and don’ts in Thai culture as well as some basic phrases in Thai. The highlight of the evening was learning The Elephant Song.

Falling asleep was easy because we were both exhausted.
Mindy and Ligeia :):)

One thought on “Volunteering at Elephant Nature Park: Day Two – A Crappy Morning :)

  1. Anonymous

    So many Elephants – the family pictures are mind boggling!
    Now, now! … more respect please for Opa's and my portrait as farmers – you are too young for making fun of us! Oh well – we can handle it!
    These pictures of the Elephants feel like paradise reopened. Good is also that the vegetation is growing plentifully and fast in Thailand the way these giants are eating fruit and vegetable.(& you too!)
    Love from Oma 🙂

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