Off to see the elephants…Volunteering at Elephant Nature Park

This is Lek Chaliert, and she is the founder of the Save Elephant Foundation’s Elephant Nature Park. With the help of countless volunteers (Ligeia and Mindy are now two of them!), she helps care for and rescue elephants from labor camps, circuses and other abusive situations.

Lek has won numerous awards, including Time Magazine’s 2005 Asian Hero of the Year and the Earth Day Award in 2006. She’s also been the subject of a National Geographic documentary.

Much like Jane Goodall is to chimps, we draw many similarities between Lek’s devotion to elephants. It was a treat to see Lek in person at the Chiang Mai office, and our fingers are crossed we’ll get to see her interact with elephants at the park (apparently the elephants love her!)

We have signed up to volunteer for one full week, where we will be put to work building fences, creating mud bricks, bathing and feeding elephants, preparing their vegetarian meals, shoveling their poop, and any other chore that needs doing! Of course, we also will get a chance to simply sit and watch these beautiful giants, and we’ll be sure to have to have our cameras always at the ready!

We’ll post again as soon as we’re back in town. Meanwhile, here’s the foundation’s website, if you’re interested in learning more about exactly what we’ll be doing and where we’ll be doing it:

Lots of love,
Mindy & Ligeia  :):)

4 thoughts on “Off to see the elephants…Volunteering at Elephant Nature Park

  1. Anonymous

    Hope it is not raining all the time! Glad that you can help with the elephants abd learn to understand them better.
    Wish you lots of fun!

    Love from Oma:-)

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