Volunteering at Elephant Nature Park: Day Seven – Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye to Dani at Elephant Nature Park
Our last day began with one last Team Poop adventure! Here we are working together to get an entire pile of elephant poo onto the tractor:
Again, we had members of the peanut gallery supervising our work:
Mindy and Ligeia decided to spend their last hours with their favorite elephants. We fed Dani, pet her and said our goodbyes (with tears in our eyes)…
…and bathed Kam Paan (Ligeia’s favorite) in the river one last time:
We leave you with one last picture of a growing herd. We wonder indeed if these elephants never forget and will remember us when we visit again.

To put it simply, this week was nothing short of amazing and we highly recommend it for anyone traveling in this area. The park is also always looking for donations if this is a project you’re interested in supporting: http://www.saveelephant.org. On this site, you are able to meet each elephant and learn of their history and how they came to the sanctuary. Many of these stories are heart-breaking and filled with unbelievable abuse. Please think twice before supporting companies that provide elephant shows, elephant rides or elephant begging as they perpetuate the cycle of abuse and submission of wild elephants.

Lots and love to you all and thank you so much for following our adventure!
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

One thought on “Volunteering at Elephant Nature Park: Day Seven – Saying Goodbye

  1. Anonymous

    Oh My! That is all so impressing and hard to imagine to be a part of. This was a super week for you and the elephants even with all the work you had to accomplish.
    I wish these beautiful creatures happines and enjoyment to be part of a family again.
    Thanks Ligeia and Mindy for bringing this excitement into my life to see this all with your camera eyes.
    Love your Oma 🙂

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