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Hot Beans - Featured

Perfectly situated in Toronto’s Kennsington Market, Hot Beans serves up the most unusual burritos and tacos we have ever come across. This small vegan eatery has been successful since it opened three years ago and we were eager to find out why.

Hot Beans - Dining Area

Dining Area


Hot Beans is perfectly sized for its take-out/delivery concept. The atmosphere seems to reflect the uniqueness of the Kennsington Market area with oddity being the norm, although the majority of patrons only enjoy a glimpse of this as they are in and out very quickly. We decided to experience our food in the small dining space just inside the door on bar stools pulled up to a counter, which was perfect for our small group of three. If you don’t feel like leaving your home or office, they will bring your order to you.

Hot Beans - Macaroni and Cheese Burrito

Mac and Cheese Burrito


The menu at Hot Beans consists of mostly burritos and tacos to which you can always add guacamole and/or vegan cheese. Don’t expect much green in your meal as the menu is filling-focused. Mindy ordered a BBQ jack fruit and lentil taco combo and I could not resist trying the mac and cheese burrito. Mindy enjoyed both tacos but favored the subtlety of the lentil taco more. I enjoyed my meal as well but we felt that the entire menu could benefit from some cilantro and onions.

Hot Beans - Tacos

Lentil and Jackfruit Tacos

Service and Prices

We were met with a friendly welcome by the manager who seemed proud to be serving vegan meals to the public. The open concept of the restaurant afforded us being able to watch our meals being prepared. The price of each meal averages $10 which is less expensive than many of the other restaurants in the area, including vegan and vegetarian establishments.

All in all we enjoyed our dining experience at Hot Beans and would eat there again the next time we find ourselves in the Kennsington neighborhood.

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