Toronto Blue Jays vs Minnesota Twins

Mindy, Ligeia and Riley went to the stadium last night for a baseball game. It started out in the Jays’ favor, going up 2-1 early in the game.

Fred Lewis on 2nd…

…and later scoring on a single.

It didn’t take long, however, for the Jays to self-destruct. With 2 outs in the inning and a runner on 1st, a routine ground ball to 2nd baseman Aaron Hill was fielded cleanly and thrown to Lyle Overbay at 1st for the sure out. Overbay dropped it so the runner was safe at 1st, and with the error the runner on base attempted to continue to 3rd.

Overbay threw it quickly across the diamond and the third baseman missed the throw completely, allowing the runner to score easily. The batter on the play then took the opportunity to continue to 2nd. It was disgusting!

That brought the manager, Cito Gaston, out of the dugout…

And he had a discussion with his infielders.

Despite some better playing later in the game, it was too late for the Jays.

The final score was 8-3 Minnesota.
We had fun anyway though and will happily go again.
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

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