Playdium, Riley’s Party and Women’s Hockey Oh My

Ali, Mindy, Kristy and Riley waiting to be drivers in the Indy 500. Ali came in first and Mindy was 3rd.

Ali and Mindy played air hockey and it was neck and neck until Ali scored the winning point.

There was lots of racing.

Ali and Ligeia teamed up as Rambo.

But most important of all is that Mindy was happy. 🙂

Then after a quick dinner we all got dressed up and headed over to Riley’s birthday party with a Circus Theme.

Here’s Riley herself being as a circus weightlifter.

Mindy was given a clown costume to wear and she wore it well.

Ali’s costume was inspired by Mr. Cellophane from Chicago.

By the end of the party, everyone ended up with facial hair:

A good time was had by all.

The next day, we went to watch women’s hockey in Mississauga:

The ice was ready for action.

Mindy, Ali and Rose not missing a move!

We all agreed that these women should get paid for their hard work and the abuse they receive on the ice.

Ligeia’s favorite part was when the skaters jumped out of the penalty box and back onto the ice.

Wow, what a weekend!! Great activities and great company!
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

One thought on “Playdium, Riley’s Party and Women’s Hockey Oh My

  1. Les, Brian and Ash Sher

    Hi Mindy, congrats …'ve finished off a chapter of your life at camp brain and starting
    something brand new…..yay!!!!!!!!
    Your pictures are great…the one I find absoloutely priceless is you with the moustache!!! it looks like your dad's, Shawn's and your face all rolled into one. Such big innocent eyes!!!! Lots and lots of luck with your new endeavour!!!!
    Love and hugs, Les, Brian, Ash, Spotty and Liam Sher

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