Pai Canyon in Northern Thailand

Pai – Last Day: Visiting Pai Canyon

We awoke a little earlier than usual, ate breakfast, checked out and hit the road, once again enjoying the countryside and this time with the destination of the Pai Canyon. From the parking lot, the trail began like this: …but very soon graduated to this: It was easy to keep going in the canyon because […]

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Muang Pai Stone Forest

Pai – Day Four: Muang Pai Stone Forest

Our extra long weekend trip to Pai is nearing its end, and on our second-to-last day here we enjoyed sleeping in, and taking a couple longer motorbike rides through the countryside. Our first drive brought us to this beautiful temple. Unfortunately, we don’t know the name of it, but it was extraordinarily ornate. For the […]

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Scenic Pai, Thailand

Pai – Day Three: Exploring Scenic Pai

We began our day in the usual way: sleeping in and having breakfast on the water. Just as we were about to go for a motorbike ride, it began to rain so we scurried back to our bungalow and hung out, relaxing… …and watching the rain: Once the rain stopped, and the roads dried, we […]

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Journey to Pai – The Road of 1000 Curves!

We had heard tales of the windy, curvy road that connects the picturesque village of Pai with Chiang Mai. Highway 1095 is described in travel guides as one that can induce motion-sickness on even the strongest of stomachs. So, needless to say, Mindy (who gets motion sick from the peaceful sways of a hammock!) was […]

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