Our Trip to the Reptile Expo

Hello again! This weekend, before we enjoyed the hot, sunny weather, we went to a reptile expo. Before I met Ligeia, I would have never believed that I would be going somewhere full of lizards, snakes, frogs and even spiders, but there I was, hesitantly looking at amphibians.

First of all, and most importantly, we would like to heartfully welcome Crash into our home. He’s about a year old, and from what we can tell, we saved him from a broken home. He’s very shy, and his name comes not from the oscar-winning movie, but rather from his habit of running into walls. Say “hi” to the nice readers, Crash!

So, what else did we see at the reptile expo you ask? Well, The Three Tenors held a surprise concert…

Michele, I saw this and thought of you. At least the house centipedes we had to deal with weren’t as horrible as this fellow…

Back to more beautiful animals, check out this gorgeous chameleon. I never knew this before, but chameleons have two fingers on each hand, like pincers. They walk ever-so-carefully on branches, wobbling from side to side. Extaordinarily cute!

And yes, turtles were rampant at this show! Big ones, little ones, soft-shelled, spiky-shells, and so many more! Here’s one that needs a bigger home…

So, the rest of the weekend, we’ve been waiting patiently to see Crash poke his head out and say hello. It’s very difficult to give him his space and let him learn to trust us. We just want to pick him up and be all cuddly with him!!! I guess that time will come eventually.

Hope you’re all doing well and we look forward to reading your comment that you’re going to write us… 😉

Mindy and Ligeia

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