Strawberries and Blue Jays!

Hey Everyone!

Well, this weekend, Ligeia and finally decided to get out there, spend some money and enjoy ourselves! Below, you can see something that I’ve actually been looking quite a while for… they are rare, but freedom fries do exist.

As you can see, we scored big with the strawberries. This whole big flat of fresh, sweet berries…$8, no tax. Wonderful.

After the strawberrry festival, we were spontaneous (thanks, dad!) and went and saw the Blue Jays play a spring training game against the Wankees, um… I mean the Yankees. Unfortunately, we lost 3-2, but the game was great! Here’s a bit of the action. Can you see the ball?

A pic of us:

And before I forget, I need to introduce you to a new addition to our family. His name is Blueberry, Berry for short. I won him for my baby, not with my cunning skill, or my excellent athleticism, but rather for being fat. Or at least fatter than the guessing man guessed. He had to get within 3 pounds. He missed my weight by 24 pounds – whoops!!! 🙂 Ladies and Gentleman, may I introduce to you… Berry!

Take care everyone, and keep in touch!

Lots of love,
Mindy and Ligeia! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Strawberries and Blue Jays!

  1. Michele Richards

    Hey guys!

    I LOVE your blog page. It sounds like you had a blast this weekend, and your pictures are great. I especially love the picture commentary. 🙂 Life in Kingston is good, but still a bit chilly (okay, so it’s really cold). We saw Alison this weekend, and she’s pretty much exactly the same as always. She says hello and wishes you both well with your wedding plans. Miss ya!

  2. Donna

    Hey Hons! Those are some gorgeous berries. And Berry is cute too. I am so jealous that you’ve already been to a ballgame. Great picture–and I can see the baseball. It looks like a good pitch, but it’s a slider, away. Sucker.

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