a very special day for us!!!!!

Hello everyone!!
So what’s the special day? Today is extra special because as of today Mindy and I are officially considered common-law partners. Yeah us!!!!!!! :):)
Tomorrow is our 18 month anniversary too.
and………today marks the day I figured out how to post something on our blog and all by myself. Yeah me!
Ligeia 🙂

4 thoughts on “a very special day for us!!!!!

  1. Julie

    HEY!! Congrats on the common-law status….and I must also say “BRAVO” for learning how to post….I must admit, I just figured out how to leave a comment on your blog…yay (i was feeling bad for not posting comments). Anyways, I am glad you are both having fun!!! Its cold here and I wish I could be in Florida right now!! Take Care 🙂

  2. Aleksei

    Well,i noticed you posted your first post while i was reading your blog for the first time. Glad i finally got here! Altho the photo of those strawberries has me hungry. I’ll trade ya; i’ll make spanikopita in your kitchen for some fresh strawberry short cake!

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