Our Trip to Iceland!!!

Glacier Lake Jokulsarlon, Southern Iceland

Mindy and Ligeia went to Iceland after our adventure in Norway (Mindy went for 3 days and Ligeia and Leonora spent a week there traveling around the whole island). Here are some pictures to document our trip:

This is the beautiful blue color of the water just as it begins to explode.

We went swimming in the famous Blue Lagoon and Mindy enjoyed a floating massage as well.

The three of us went exploring a cave with ice crystals. Because we didn’t have the right equipment, we didn’t get very far, but it was a fantastic experience nonetheless.

This is Godafoss (“foss” means waterfall in Icelandic) and this is where a famous pagan priest once threw his pagan artifacts when he decounced Paganism and accepted Christianity. (Kinda looks like a mini-Niagara Falls)

This is the neatest thing…As you can see, it just jets out of the water with no others rocks like it around. It hosts is own bird colony.

This is Leonora on the southern shore of Iceland. She claimed these “her rocks”.

Leonora and Ligeia hiked a glacier. And for those of you who are Batman fans, this glacier was apparently the “Tibet” in the movie. I guess Tibet’s not so easy to get into these days.

We found Prancer and Vixen and some of the others, but couldn’t find Rudolf. They were definately playing reindeer games (and it wasn’t monopoly).

This is an Iceberg Lake on the southern coast of Iceland. And of course Leo and Ligeia felt the need to get in and go for a little swim. Just to make sure people believed them, they made sure to get footage. When we later got to the hostel that night, a man who had taken a boat tour of the lake, told us that the tour guide mentioned there were two women who were swimming in the lake. So I think we are now famous.

We loved the lake so much that we went back at night (10pm to midnight – by the way there was 24 hours of daylight). We found a very playful seal colony.

And this is to leave you with a very beautiful and colorful picture. We definitely recommend visiting Iceland, especially the southern coast. If anyone wants to go, please let us know and we can tell you what to do and what to avoid.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

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