Happy Pride

Here are some pics of the Dyke March on Saturday. Yonge street, reportedly the longest street in the world, and the most important street in Toronto, was shut down so proud lesbians could march.

As always, the dykes on bikes start it off!

This one speaks for itself.

What a nice shirt this woman is wearing 😉

Great shirts!

We hope you are proud no matter what color(s) of the rainbow you are.
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

One thought on “Happy Pride

  1. Christopher Parker

    A parade!

    It was funny that you said the lesbians were marching but the picture was of the motorcycles! (Very loud marching!)

    I just went to a parade too, in Brattleboro (and it even had lesbians marching). But it was a cow parade (the cows started and the lesbians came later, unless some of the people leading the cows were lesbian, which was not advertised). There were no shiners, but they had check-out people from the food coop (I think including lesbians?) doing very fast wizzing things with shopping carts. Oh, and of course there were a bunch of old tractors and marching bands of course. Good fun!

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