Norwegian Wedding

Traditional Norwegan Clothing

Mindy and Ligeia went to a traditional Norwegian farm wedding out in the countryside and hour and a half away from Oslo. It was very much like a fairytale. Ligeia decided to wear a Norwegian traditional dress called a Bunad.

Here she is trying to figure out how to put it on.

Finally, she enlists the help of some experts….

and voila!

Here’s an example of the men’s traditional dress. I must say, it looks fantastic!

Here is the bride’s father.

The bride and groom look very happy in front of the church.

They took a VERY romantic carriage ride from the church to the reception on the farm. Here they are being welcomed back.

But most important of all, the bride looks very happy and radiant.
There were some very interesting traditions that we learned about while there. For example, when the bride or the groom goes to the bathroom, it’s free reign for all respective men or women to run up to the one remaining and steal a kiss. When Leonora went to the bathroom all the women, including Mindy and Ligeia, and one guy 😉 ran up to the groom to grab a kiss. Also, the party-goers can dictate when the bride and groom kiss simply by stomping on the floor (that meant a kiss under the table) or hitting the glasses with a spoon (that meant up on a chair). My favorite of all though was toasting with wine saying “Skul” everytime.
The bride and groom are now happily married in Oslo.
Lots of love to everyone,
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

One thought on “Norwegian Wedding

  1. Christopher Parker

    How lovely and incredible for you that you could be there! I think I'd be in vicarious bliss and wonder! (I was 15 years ago when I was in Norway – I *really* like Norway and there is much to be enchanted about)

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