Maple Syrup Popsicles – Attempt #1

Mindy and Ligeia first had these at Carnival in Quebec City in 2008. With all the snow that we got we’d thought we’d try it for ourselves. First, you will need Jumbo craft sticks and good maple syrup…

Then, you must also have lots of snow on your balcony:

Heat the maple syrup on the stove.

Then, after packing down some snow, pour some maple syrup:

When you realize that you have the wrong kind of snow and you didn’t pack it down enough anyway and that you probably shouldn’t have heated up the maple syrup, just pour in the rest of the maple syrup and add more fresh snow and mix:

Scoop the mixture into a cup and eat with your jumbo craft stick and pretend that your goal was to make a maple syrup slushie all along:

Maybe we’ll try again during the next snowstorm.
Hope everyone is enjoying the winter.
Ligeia 🙂

2 thoughts on “Maple Syrup Popsicles – Attempt #1

  1. Hiroshi

    Hi! teacher!

    I don't have so much snow.
    Actually We haven't have snow in Tokyo this year.

    How can I make it without snow?

  2. Ligeia and Mindy

    Hi Hiroshi, thank you so much for visiting the blog so often. So to make the maple slushies without snow, perhaps you could defrost your freezer and use the ice shavings. 😉 I don't think it will taste as good though but maybe the flavor of the maple will mask the freezer taste just enough for you to enjoy it. 😉

    I miss you. Any thoughts about coming back to Canada?
    Ligeia 🙂

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