Bermuda – Ligeia’s 30th Country

Mindy and Ligeia took a 4 day weekend trip to Bermuda. Above is the view from our balcony. We stayed at the Fairmont Princess Hotel in Hamilton. Here’s Mindy attempting to be a princess:

We got there on Friday evening, just in time for sunset:

We began our Saturday by exploring the streets of St. George on the east of the island. Here is one of our favorite pictures:

In St. George we visited the Unfinished Church. If you look closely you can see Mindy on the left trying to look inside:

We then took a tour of two caves: Crystal Cave and Fantasy Cave. We enjoyed Crystal Cave the most, but as you can see, they are both very beautiful:

The rest of the afternoon was spent climbing over the rocks at Spittal Pond, relaxing and enjoying beautiful views such as this one:

The next day was another walking day. We spent some time walking along some ocean view trails on the southern shore. It turned into a beautiful sunny afternoon which made the beautiful blues of the water sparkle and become very vibrant. Here’s Ligeia against a Bermuda blue backdrop:

Here are some more lovely views off this trail:

Mindy really likes lighthouses so we made sure we went there. Unfortunately, when we got there a sign hung on the door saying it was closed due to restoration. But it didn’t stop us from getting this picture of it from the ferry on the way back to our hotel:

The final morning was a gorgeous one so we spent most of the day walking around Hamilton. We climbed up to Ft. Hamilton in time for a Skirling ceremony, which apparently takes places every Monday. According to Lonely Planet, Bermuda has a strong Scottish heritage. This pipe band played several pieces lasting about 30 minutes and included a traditional dancer. It was fantastic!

So we are now back in Toronto planning for our next trip.
Ligeia is so proud of having gone to 30 countries now. She still has many more to go though to reach her goal of visiting every country in the world!
Her newest favorite quote: “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”
Mindy and Ligeia :):)

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