Ligeia Travels to New England

Walden Pond, Concord, Massachusetts

On April 1st Ligeia flew to Hartford, CT where her friend Beth picked her up. Together we spent some time at her beautiful home in Bloomfield and then went to a fabulous Indian restaurant for lunch. Here were are after a very full and delicious meal:

Ligeia spent the evening with her aunt Dorothy, who made a fantastic dinner. Here she is with the friendliest cat ever, Jakie:

Very early the next morning Ligeia took a 2-hour bus ride to Boston where she was met by her parents, who had driven down from their home in Vermont. We all drove to Walden Pond to go for a bit of a hike and to experience Thoreau’s woods.

First, we explored a replica of Thoreau’s house. It was amazing how small it was yet he seemed to have everything he needed. Here are Mom and Dad in front of the house:

We then proceeded to walk around the entire lake. It was gorgeous:

We were very excited to come across the real site of his house. This quote was most appropriately in front of the site:

Here’s Ligeia standing in Thoreau’s house right in front of the fireplace:

Ligeia and her Mom decided to make a cairn as many others had done before. I think we did a pretty good job:

After a short visit with Ligeia’s friends Keith and Li, we all drove back to Vermont where Ligeia will stay until Saturday when she takes a bus to Montreal.

Our first day included some farming and preparing for a large shipment of trees and various other plants. Ligeia is particularly excited about planting the trees. Here she has prepared a hole for an apple tree:

There will be more pictures to come as the week progresses. I hope everyone is enjoying the spring.

Lots of love,
Ligeia 🙂

2 thoughts on “Ligeia Travels to New England

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Ligeia,
    I had not expected any posts as you were so busy and now I am checking and am so pleased to find several.
    What nice last memories before your big trip with Mindy.
    Thanks for sharing Oma:-)

  2. Anonymous

    Wow – what a difference! This house is so pretty and I also like the birds.
    One day you will be having a great time living there. Wonderful place to come back to!
    Love from Oma:-)

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