Last Class of the Semester!

Today was the last day of the semester for Ligeia’s two classes and they decided to celebrate with a little party. Everyone brought food from their cultures. Here is a Japanese student explaining how to dip the rice patty into the sweet soy sauce:

A Turkish student offers baklava:

A Saudi Arabian student brings in a very delicious homemade Saudi dessert:

People also brought in clothing from various cultures for people to try on. Here a Japanese student models a Mexican sombrero:

And a South Korean students gets transformed into a Saudi Arabian prince:

Ligeia and a Saudi student struggle to put on an Indian sari:

Ligeia learns how to properly put on an abaya from Saudi Arabia:

Ligeia brought in a cowboy hat and it was a big hit. Here is a student demonstrating how to be a cowboy:

A Chinese student explained how the number 3 is a very lucky number and so they give 3 coins to protect us from “Shey”:

We learned about the Saudi Arabian flag:

And one student from Taiwan did calligraphy with everyone’s name. Here he has just finished “Ligeia”:

Fun was had by all. Ligeia is really going to miss her students from this term.

We hope everyone has a nice break before the next semester starts.
Ligeia and Mindy :):)

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