Riley’s Prison Party

Some friends and we were sent to jail last night. For those of you who don’t know, Riley County Jail is only for the hard criminals:

Kristy the Warden is known internationally for her punishments:

She keeps various concoctions in her office. When someone is good, she gives them a Conjugal visit, but when they(including her own guards) are bad, she either gives them a Lethal Injection or the Warden’s Secret Weapon:

Here is one of Kristy’s best employees. Mindy doesn’t take crap from anyone!

It’s hard to know how to deal with such hardened criminals. Would you want to meet these women in an alley?

This woman killed her husband while he slept for calling her a “bitch”:

The guards often enjoy getting together and thinking up ways to make life for the inmates a living hell:

But Mindy usually tries to put a stop to that:

Sometimes the inmates fight back and the guards can’t keep control. Inmate Dawson is known as “the slammer of the slammer”.

No one could beat the Slammer all night and this was Mindy’s reaction to me threatening to put that last picture on the blog:

The deadliest criminal of all was let out of solitary. Don’t let that smile fool you. There is a reason they named the prison after HER:

Happy Birthday Riley!

Ligeia and Mindy :):)

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