Halloween Fun!

Hey Folks!

Well, Halloween has come and gone for another year. Some are sad to see it over, some are happy it’s done with, and others are still too high from all the sugar that they haven’t noticed the change into November.

Ligeia and I are proud of our costume choices this year. I went as Henry, who left the bucket at home because there was a hole in it.

And Ligeia, the newly-crowned champ of Best Costume at the ELS language school morphed into Jo Mama, the pimp.

What did everyone else go as? Did anyone go trick-or-treating? Be honest!

We’ll try and post again soon!

Lots of love,
Mindy and Ligeia 🙂

5 thoughts on “Halloween Fun!

  1. Julie

    Hahaha you both look great! Mindy, you should look into being a farmer…the outfit kinda suits ya…however….I will not suggest the same thing for Ligeia (although, you can make a good living at it I hear). Well I dressed up as little red riding hood for halloween. We had to keep it non-scary for the kids at the centre. My co-workers found it funny to see me in a dress and stockings and to have my boobs showing slightly. I have de-throned a co-worker and I have now become known as the new “jugs”….which is just fantastic 😛 Anyways…catch ya later.

  2. Anonymous

    Mindy – Julie is right, Green Acres is calling you, and Ligeia can play the big city pimp counterpart to your farmer, bringing some culture to podunkville. Hey, I’m not knocking it – I’m farmer-derived, small-town bred.

    Love to you both – Mark Helpsmeet for the big town of Eau Claire, Wisconsin (and for those of you not versed in international jet-set languages like French, Eau Claire means Clear Water – and it is currently a misnomer!)

  3. Michele Richards

    Ha – I love your costumes. 🙂 I must admit that we were both kinda boring this year and didn’t dress up, but we dressed up for both Halloween AND Easter last year, so I figure we earned a no-dress-up holiday. 🙂 See ya soon!!

  4. Heather Johnson

    I dressed up as one of the (all female, sexy version) of the Village People. I was the military one, and it felt great to cut up my BDUs and wear them with fishnets and tons of jewelry and cleavage. My two neighbors and I had a multi-apartment Halloween party and it was lots of fun.

  5. Anonymous

    A little late for a comment about the halloween pics… you both look very cute!

    Hope things are going well in cold Toronto. We head for Vietnam tonight (not to rub it in haha).

    Miss you!
    Lots of love,
    Amy and Alex

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