Heavenly Honeymoon in Golden, British Columbia

Hey Everyone!

Ligeia and I are back in the big city after spending a week in what really felt like the middle of nowhere. Golden, British Columbia was the perfect location for our honeymoon and we loved being far from everything.

We hiked up mountains to alpine lakes and glaciers… We canoed at sunset with a moose by our side… We drove by mountain sheep and goats on the side of the road… We saw the most breathtaking scenery every which way we turned…

Take some time and look through our pictures (186 of them!!!)


Leave us a message and let us know your favourite picture!

Lots of love,
Mindy and Ligeia 🙂

8 thoughts on “Heavenly Honeymoon in Golden, British Columbia

  1. Julie

    Glad you two had an awesome time. It makes me miss the mountains big time….wish I had taken more pics when I was there 🙁 But you have tons for me to admire and I must say, you have taken some awesome shots and it was hard to decide on the best photo. So my favourite picture is the 3rd pic on the 1st page…emerald lake…bravo to whoever took the shot (my digital camera was stolen, along with the 3 years of photos I had on it, however..yours takes a nice pic and since I need a new camera…perhaps you can give me some info on your camera and I can get one similar). Anyways, take care 🙂 and I hope to catch up with you guys sometime.

  2. Alex


    Looks like you guys had an awesome honeymoon!! The pictures are making us homesick… We haven’t seen the sun for weeks.

    Your pictures are awesome, what kind of camera do you guys have? I like the pic of the moose because I have never seen a moose. Amy likes the ones of you guys hanging off the mountain- we had a good chuckle over them.

    We should have some new pictures online soon. The computers here are SO slow and it is taking forever to download them!

    Hope you are both well.
    Miss you!
    Alex and Amy

  3. Alex

    Hello again girls!

    Thanks for all the messages on our blogs… It makes us feel important!

    Ligeia: we both are really looking forward to meeting you too! We saw the pandas today and they were super-cute, will put pics up soon.

    Hope you two are well! We look forward to more pics and info from the great white north.

    Alex and Amy

  4. Cleatus

    I also likes the one wif Mr Mindy been all housewifey-like an makin the bed. I shaw hope he gave Mrs Mindy a good beatin wif the fryin pan, cuz she shoulda done it herself! I did the same to Mrs Cleatus last week, but then momma said I shouldn’t beat my sister like that.

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