Mindy’s Birthday!!!!!

Hello everyone,
Mindy turned 26 on December 8th. She doesn’t look a day over 25 😉
We had a whole weekend of birthday fun!
I also got informed at work that i am now considered a member of fulltime staff. They have even hired 2 more teachers. I finally have seniority.
They have hired someone at Mindy’s work too, so it looks like Mindy has some too.
We are planning for a very quiet xmas and looking forward to our trip to Florida in January.
Please write and wish Mindy lots and lots of Birthday love.
Bye for now,
Ligeia 🙂

3 thoughts on “Mindy’s Birthday!!!!!

  1. Julie

    HAPPY B-DAY!! Hope you got everything you wished for and I hope you don’t feel as old as I do!! I probably won’t see you before x-mas, so have an awesome christmas and hopefully we can get together soon. The family tree decorating went well…a lot less swearing this year 🙂 Anyways, take care and we will chat soon.

  2. Anonymous

    Dear Mindy – I hereby send you lots and lots of love and wish you a happy birthday (it’s never toooo late, is it?) and all the best for the year to come – your 27th year and and your first as a married woman, yeah you!!!!
    I Norway we would say: GRATULERER MED DAGEN, MIN VENN! 🙂

    And Ligeia: congratulations, too! Senior staff and everything… you are a great teacher, but still, never know if your boss is a great boss and will give you what you deserve… so yeah you too 🙂

    I miss you girls
    Stor klem til mine venner!
    Your Leo

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