Goodbye to Mosel & Rhein

It is with heavy hearts that we said goodbye to our beloved girls, Mosel and Rhein. Due to the fact that we’re planning on moving north to Nunavut at the end of the summer (we asked them and they preferred to stay in a warmer climate), we decided it was best for them to find a new home where they would be treated with the same level of care and love they were used to with us. They were kindly adopted by the reptile zoo, Reptilia (more about them later!)

We thought it would be a nice send-off for the girls to remember some of the major milestones accomplished while they grew through adolescence with us.

On September 30, 2008 we brought them home for the very first time. About the same size as their food dish (even with Rhein all puffed up!), they could easily fit in the palm of your hand. It wouldn’t be long before they would dwarf that dish in size!

They enjoyed basking under the heat lamp on the rock that nowadays could barely fit one of them.

In the summer of 2009, we remember building a new cage for them as they were quickly outgrowing the glass terrarium we had. The new home was larger and it was clear from the start that the girls loved it. The crickets, too, enjoyed the new cage as the wooden beams gave them a place to hide up top.

And who could forget our surprise when Mosel started laying eggs last summer! With a brief double-check that Rhein was indeed also female, we were relieved to know that the eggs were unfertilized and no baby beardies were hurt. Here’s Mosel with a freshly-laid clutch. Apparently, lizards will only lay eggs when they’re healthy and feel comfortable. It was a nice feeling knowing that we’ve been good parents!

Another fun memory is bath time. Early on we could bathe them together in a small tupperware dish:

but before long, they had to have their separate time in a larger bowl. Not all beardies enjoy a bath, but our girls could soak in there for hours. Well, no not really hours, but at least 3-4 minutes!

Saying goodbye to our babies, Mosel and Rhein, was extremely difficult. You don’t see it in this picture below, but it didn’t take long for Mindy to cry with Mosel in her hands.

Ligeia, too, had a hard time saying goodbye.

We both know the girls will be well taken care of at Reptilia. For those unaware of the reptile zoo (located in Vaughan, at 2501 Rutherford Rd), they also have educational programs for summer camps and schools. Most likely, because Mosel and Rhein are so healthy, they will be excellent candidates for the educational programs held on-site, as well as being a part of their breeding program (Mosel, I’m sure will LOVE being a mommy!) If you can, take an afternoon and visit Reptilia. After all, your support will help ensure Mosel and Rhein have a nice place to live.

We’ll miss you girls!
Lots of love,
Your mommies 🙂

4 thoughts on “Goodbye to Mosel & Rhein

  1. Anonymous

    OMG, I almost cried reading this!! It takes alot of strength to give up your pets. I'm glad you found them a great place to go to. 🙁 Love, Jeanne

  2. Anonymous

    That was a very hard decision for you, but I am sure they will have a good home there and maybe raise many more special babies in the future. They will have space and the care they need, so you did a parting with love. Rhein and Mosel stay healthy and have a happy and long Life! Oma sends her love! 🙂

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