Cherry Blossoms in High Park, Toronto

While Ligeia is enjoying the sunny south in Clearwater, Florida, Mindy took advantage of an event that can only occur in places that endure a cold, snowy winter season. Every spring, the cherry blossoms in High Park open up in a beautiful display of white blooms. Never have we managed to make it there for “peak” season… until now.
The first thing you notice when walking down the pathway towards Hillside Gardens is the fresh, perfume-like aroma that fills the air. It is absolutely magnificent, and just like a cartoon character floating towards a freshly baked pie, Mindy drifted (along with countless others) forward.
Simple words won’t do the experience justice. Here are some pictures instead:

It was a tremendous experience, and Mindy may have to return soon (within the next 5 days or so) to try and get pictures without any other person in the frame. Sunrise is at 5:58am… It’s early, but it’s certainly worth it! Try to make it out there this week if you can.
Mindy 🙂

2 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms in High Park, Toronto

  1. Anonymous

    Wow Mindy, these pictures are beautiful!!! Wish I were there with you. Hopefully we can go together when I get back.
    I love you,
    Ligeia 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks Mindy, when I first wanted to write the blogspot was not working. So belated you should know, that I enjoyed the cherry blossoms a lot. We received two cards from China – thanks Mindy and Ligeia. Soon you will be on the go again and I can't wait for the next exciting episodes in your life. Hope all works well for you – best wishes from Oma 🙂 (+O)

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